Betty Bumpers (1925-2018) was the First Lady o…

Betty Bumpers
(1925-2018) was
the First Lady of Arkansas between 1971 and 1975. Along with Rosalynn Carter,
she headed a successful campaign to immunise all school children in the United

She had a career as a teacher in Arkansas, a
state that had one of the lowest rates of childhood immunisation in the
country. Her programme, entitled Every Child by ‘74, delivered vaccinations to
hundreds of thousands of children and served as a model for other such
programmes across the nation. By 2012, her efforts led to an immunisation rate
of 90 percent among American children younger than two.

Kathryn S. McKinley (b. 1962) is a computer sc…

Kathryn S.
1962) is a computer scientist whose research focuses on runtime systems,
compilers and computer architecture. She worked for Microsoft as Principal
Researcher and is currently a Senior Research Scientist for Google.

She studied computer science and engineering
at Rice University, and later taught at other institutions such as the
University of Massachusetts Amherst and the University of Texas at Austin. She
has won numerous awards for her work from the Association for Computing Machinery,
such as the Distinguished Scientist and the Test of Time Award.

feminismwecandoit: Feminism is about equality,…


Feminism is about equality, not superiority

Feminism = the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes.

Carrie Chapman Catt (1859-1947) is one of the …

Chapman Catt
is one of the most prominent figures in the fight for women’s voting rights in
the United States. She was one of the leaders of the campaign that finally saw
voting rights extended to women in 1920.

She studied Science at Iowa State University,
graduating as the valedictorian and the only woman in her class. She later
became the first female reporter in San Francisco. In her native Iowa, she was
highly active in the Woman Suffrage Association and helped form the
International Woman Suffrage Alliance.

Evelyn Wood (1909-1995) was the developer of t…

Evelyn Wood (1909-1995) was the developer of the speed-reading
system, which allowed for the increase of the speed of reading up to five times
while increasing retention. The system was further developed into a successful
business with over 150 outlets across the United States.

She studied English and Business, and developed her speed-reading method
in 1959. She was capable of reading around 2700 words per minute, compared to the
average of 250-300.

Daphne Ceeney (1934-2016) was the first Austra…

Daphne Ceeney (1934-2016) was the first Australian to compete
at the Paralympic Games. She participated in multiple sports and won a total of
14 medals.

She first participated in the 1960 games, where she won gold medals in
swimming and silver in javelin and archery. She also competed in table tennis
and fencing, receiving medals for every discipline.


Marie Durocher (1809-1893) was a Brazilian
physician, specialised in obstetrics. She was the first female doctor in Latin America.

She obtained her
degree from the Medical School of Rio de Janeiro in 1834, after which she
practiced her profession for 60 years. She cared for pregnant women and helped deliver
babies from all social classes, from the poorest to the grandchildren of the
Emperor. In 1871 she became the first female member of the National Academy of

Dorothy Levitt (1882-1922) was a trailblazer f…

Dorothy Levitt (1882-1922) was a
trailblazer for women in motoring. She was the first British female racing
driver and set a number of world records, being called “the Fastest Girl on Earth” or “the Champion
Lady Motorist of the World” by the press of the day.

She first competed in a motor race in 1903, becoming the first English
woman to do so. She set records for water speed and land speed, as well as for
the longest drive by a woman when she drove from London to Liverpool and back
in 1905. She was also responsible for inventing the rearview mirror by
describing its use in her 1909 book The
Woman and the Car.

Lisa Appignanesi (b. 1946) is a British-Canadi…

Lisa Appignanesi (b. 1946) is a
British-Canadian novelist. She has served as the President of English PEN and
is currently Chair of the Royal Society of Literature.

Among her works are Memory and Desire and Freud’s Women, studies of Freud’s ideas
in relation to women, as well as Mad, Bad
and Sad : A History of Women and the Mind Doctors.
The latter won the
2009 Award for the Public Understanding of Science from the British Medical

Christine Stewart (1941-2015) was a Canadian p…

Christine Stewart (1941-2015) was a
Canadian politician who held various cabinet positions during her career, such
as Secretary of State for Latin America and Africa, and Minister of the

During her time as
Minister of the Environment, she promoted numerous actions for the
environmental protection and against climate change. After leaving politics,
she acted as a special envoy to Cameroon for the Commonwealth Secretary