Begum Khaleda Zia (b. 1945) served as the Prim…

Khaleda Zia
(b. 1945) served as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh for two terms,
1991-1996 and again 2001-2006. She was the first female head of a democratic
government in her country, and the second in a Muslim-majority country.

During her time as Prime Minister, the GDP
of Bangladesh increased considerably, and the country opened to international
investment. Her government also worked to alleviate poverty and support female

Debbie Meyer (b. 1952) is a former swimmer and…

(b. 1952) is a former swimmer and three-time Olympic champion. She has
set world records in four different events, and was the first swimmer to ever
win three individual medals at the Olympic Games.

She broke 15 world records in the sport
even while struggling with asthma. In addition, she broke 24 American records.

Lucy Stone (1818-1893) was a dedicated suffrag…

Lucy Stone (1818-1893) was a
dedicated suffragist and abolitionist in the United States. She helped found
the American Woman Suffrage Association.

She attended Oberlin College, and was the
first woman in Massachusetts to have a degree. She devoted her life and career
to advancing the rights of African Americans and of women through multiple
anti-slavery and civil rights associations.

scarletswalking: refinery29: This judge had e…



This judge had exactly the right reaction to the shameful way nonviolent prisoners are treated in US jails

A woman was denied pants or tampons after being arrested for not completing a diversion course that was part of her sentencing from a shoplifting charge. But see how the judge reacts when she finds out that the prisoner’s humiliating treatment is apparently routine.

Gifs: Raw Leak


This is why it’s so important to vote for your local judges after doing a minimal amount of research. Most people just pick whatever judge is there or has a funny name, but this woman is changing the way prisoners are treated and she was voted in by the county. Always do your research before voting for judges, but don’t discount it as unomportant. You may need someone like her on your side one day.

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Buy Celebrating Amazing Women a Coffee.

A wonderful day to all my old and new followers! I am writing to bring you an update and apologise for the fact that lately my posts might have been a bit disordered and posted too late. The reason for that is that for a while I have been working every single day, Monday to Sunday, in three different places, sometimes for 12 hours at a time. And the reason for that is that I am saving as much money as I can for an amazing opportunity that has come my way.

This October I will be starting a Translation Traineeship with the European Commission in Luxembourg. It is honestly a dream come true, translation being my dream career and what I worked towards all these years. I am extremely excited, but scared of being thrown into the unknown, and most of all kind of worried about my situation there. I will receive a grant for my five months there, but Luxembourg is the most expensive country in the European Union. A quick search revealed that the grant I will be getting will barely be enough to cover rent and utilities, and for the rest, such as groceries and transport, I will have to rely on savings.

Under these circumstances, I decided to share my Ko-Fi page once again. Please forgive my bluntness in the matter; my content is and will always be free and accessible to everyone. Simply, any small donation would be much appreciated, and would go towards funding this incredible opportunity. Thank you very much for sticking with me for more than three years now, and I promise to continue telling you about the fierce and powerful women that need their voices heard.

Women Are More Likely to Die From a Heart Atta…

Women Are More Likely to Die From a Heart Attack If Their Doctor Is Male:


“The baseline rate of someone dying from their heart attack while in the hospital was 11.9 percent. But women who were treated by men were 12 percent more likely to die than the average patient, meaning their absolute chance of dying rose to 13.4 percent. Among patients who survived, women treated by male doctors spent more time in the hospital before being released, further suggesting worse medical care.

“This number seems small,” study author Seth Carnahan, a researcher at the Washington University in St. Louis, told Gizmodo via email. “But, if the survival rate among the female heart attack patients treated by male doctors was the same as the survival rate among female heart attack patients treated by female doctors, about 1,500-3,000 fewer of the female heart attack patients in our sample would have passed away.”

There was no such pattern when it came to women doctors: Their patients survived at roughly the same rate, regardless of their gender. In fact, the patients treated by women doctors were more likely to survive than anyone else.

Read the full piece here

Women doctors ‘best for female heart patients’

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Yesssss 👏👏👏 trans friends getting the love and respect and support they deserve from their partner is what I fucking LIVE for

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wanna be friends?
5465 9543 7852

Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim (1933-2017) was an author…

Ahmed Ibrahim
(1933-2017) was an author and women’s rights activist from Sudan. She won
the UN Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Human Rights in 1993.

Her activism began very early, in her school
days, when she created a newspaper called Pioneer
She conducted the first women’s strike in Sudan when her school
decided to replace science classes with so-called ‘family science’ lessons.
Throughout her career, she worked to obtain the right to vote for Sudanese
women, as well as gender equality in the workforce.

Eva Ahnert-Rohlfs (1912-1954) was a German ast…

(1912-1954) was a German astronomer who made significant contributions to
the study of variable stars.

She studied at the University of Gottingen,
and later became an assistant astronomer at the Sonneberg Observatory. She received
a doctorate in astrophysics in 1951.