Tatyana McFadden (b. 1989) is a Russian-born A…

(b. 1989) is a Russian-born American Paralympian.
She has won 17 Paralympic Medals, seven of which are gold, as well as numerous
others in international competitions.

She was born with spina bifida and
paralysed from the waist down. She was won several wheelchair marathons,
including London, Boston and Chicago, as well as New York, the latter six times.
In 2015, she broke the women’s NYC marathon record by more than seven minutes.

Frances Ames (1920-2002) was a South African n…

(1920-2002) was a South African neurologist
and human rights activist. She led the medical ethics enquiry into the death of
Steve Biko, an anti-apartheid activist, an enquiry which showed that he had
been tortured and medically neglected, and led to the prosecution of the
doctors responsible.

She was the first woman to obtain a medical
degree from the University of Cape Town in 1964. She practiced medicine and
taught at Valkenberg Hospital until six weeks before she died. In 1999, Nelson
Mandela awarded her the Star of South Africa, the country’s highest civilian

Kim Weaver (b. 1964) is an astrophysics profes…

(b. 1964) is an astrophysics professor and astronomer.
She is an expert in x-ray astronomy and has worked for NASA’s Goddard Space
Flight Center.

She obtained her PhD in astronomy in 1993
from the University of Maryland. After that, she was a research scientist at
Penn State and John Hopkins University. Her honours include the Presidential
Early Career Award and the NASA Peer Award.



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Have a great weekend!!

Have a great weekend!!

Bertha Isaacs (1900-1997) was a tennis player,…

(1900-1997) was a tennis player, teacher, and
women’s rights activist from the Bahamas. She was the second Bahamian woman elected
as Senator in her country, and the first to be awarded the title of Dame Commander
of the Order of the British Empire.

She was a founding member of the
Progressive Liberal Party and a strong supporter of women’s suffrage. Bahamian
women were allowed to vote in 1962, and she became Senator in 1969.

As we obsess over our newest iPhone or technol…

As we obsess over our newest iPhone or technological advancements, there are basic advancements to be made for women

Dear Alyne

Dear Alyne:

This is a very important video with people directly involved in genital mutilation. Please note there are no graphic scenes but there are testimonies from women who have had this done to them as girls. We need to stand together with females all over the world when men use religion and false science to control women!!! Something this video does not say that I feel I should is that A WOMAN’S WORTH DOES NOT LIE IN HER VAGINA!!! Even if it WERE true that a woman would sleep around, that’s her prerogative. I’m sure the very same men who are doing this to women are sleeping with whomever they please! Why?!?!

Rooney Mara (b. 1985) is an actress known for …

(b. 1985) is an actress known for films such
as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Her or Carol. She was nominated for an Academy Award and for a Golden Globe
twice and won numerous other prizes, such as Best Actress at Cannes Film Festival.

In addition to her acting career, she
founded the charity Faces of Kibera, which later became the Uweza Foundation.
The charity raises funds and encourages development programmes in Nairobi,

Pedophiles continue living their lives while y…

Pedophiles continue living their lives while young girls are left deserted with a scarlet letter. Grown Ass men do not have any reason to be romancing teenage girls!!!