Edith Windsor (1929-2017) was an LGBT rights a…

Edith Windsor (1929-2017) was an
LGBT rights activist in the United States. The 2013 civil rights case United States v. Windsor, in which she
was lead plaintiff, is considered a landmark victory for the rights of same-sex

She was a technology manager for
IBM, and helped many LGBT groups become ‘tech literate’. She continued her
activism throughout her life, even after winning the case that ruled that the
definition of marriage only as between one man and one woman is unconstitutional.



hello i would like to hold hands




Believe it, and use your privilege to DEAL WITH IT.

profeminist: “If you can call IHOP IHOb now y…


“If you can call IHOP IHOb now you can use a trans person’s correct pronouns”


Felix Uberbacher



Happy pride to people who are putting their effort into fighting the Trump administration’s anti LGBT+ legislation



Ok, friends, listen up.

I’m gonna need you to find two hours of your life ASAP and watch the pilot of Pose. I’m totally serious. If I have to arrange a group watch via Discord, I WILL DO THAT. (Do I need to do that? I will. I bought the season on Amazon because we don’t have cable and supporting this is really fucking important to me.)

Why? I mean, Tumblr, y’all have to have been talking about this, because I heard about it through Tumblr, but let’s talk about it again:

  1.  TV about QPOC starring and made by QPOC, *especially* TWOC. #ownvoices beyond measure. This is the largest transgender cast ever organized for a scripted series
  2. The series is expected to include over fifty transgender characters total. FIFTY. f i f t y.
  3.  A blunt history lesson wrapped up in two hours of drama. There will be things you knew or knew about or heard about kinda and then you’ll realize how much you can learn, even if Queer History is one of your Special Interests.
  4. One of the main characters is from Allentown. This is only vaguely relevant but it made me go ‘yey’.
  5. Seriously, this media only gets made if people watch it. Vote with your eyeballs. Vote with your eyeballs and let’s bring more of this to TV, to the screens. We need this. I was honestly really nervous that something was gonna blow up or this was going to be somehow terrible and so I was nervously chewing my lower lip until I could actually watch the pilot and it’s not perfect but it’s a pilot and like… it’s … this is our history and our present. We need to make this shit happen. 
  6. It’s REALLY GOOD. Look at that Rotten Tomatoes score! 95% right now, y’all
  7. Seriously, I’m probably going to watch this with @mistresskabooms this summer. Kids These Days need to know some dang history. We can trade off between RWBY and Pose. 
  8. Look, I can knit during anything. I have knitted during concerts, I have knitted in the car on cross-country trips, I knit my way through hurricanes and migraines and medical procedures and movies, I don’t have to look at my hands anymore when I knit kippot. There were a couple of points when I realized only after I had stopped knitting to stare at the television, totally entranced, that I had stopped knitting so I could concentrate on the screen. I cannot express enough how much that just does not happen.

I feel very passionately about this show already, now that I’ve stopped holding my breath and have allowed myself to feel things about it, aaaand I’ve only seen the pilot. Is it perfect? No. But it doesn’t need to be.

It’s real and raw and vulnerable and beautiful and triumphant and the MC’s name is Pray Tell which I found out in the first 2m from the subtitles and I love him already and we need to make it happen.

So who wants to do a watch party on this with me? @thebibliosphere, you wanna do something on the Discord? Seriously. Watch Party at the Wizard House, I’ll bring the popcorn.

Susana López Charretón (b. 1957) is a Mexican …

Susana López Charretón (b. 1957) is a
Mexican virologist. She won the 2012 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award for her work
on rotaviri.

She obtained her PhD in basic biomedical
research from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and now works for its
Institute of Biotechnology. Her research was instrumental in identifying how
rotaviri cause the death of 600,000 children every year.

Alice Turner Schafer (1915-2009) was one of th…

Alice Turner Schafer (1915-2009) was one
of the founders of the Association for Women in Mathematics. She was determined
to offer women better educational opportunities, especially in the field.

She completed her studies at the
University of Richmond, Virginia, at a time when women were not allowed inside
the campus library. She then obtained her PhD from the University of Chicago,
and later became a teacher, focusing especially on students with learning difficulties
and creating special classes for them. In 1985 she became a fellow of the
American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Evelyn Irons (1900-2000) was a Scottish journa…

Evelyn Irons (1900-2000) was a
Scottish journalist who acted as a war correspondent during World War II. She
was the first woman to be decorated with the French Croix de Guerre for this

She was initially hired with the beauty
page of the Daily Mail, but chose to
report on the war as soon as it broke out. Despite objections regarding the
presence of female reporters on the battlefield, she was one of the first
journalists to reach liberated Paris, and the first female journalist to reach
Hitler’s Eagle Nest. In 1935, she became the first woman to be awarded the
Stanhope Gold Medal by the Royal Humane Society.

profeminist: “BREAKING: London Breed is the …


“BREAKING: London Breed is the first black woman to be elected mayor of San Francisco.”


London Breed Becomes San Francisco’s First Black Female Mayor