Taylor Swift threatens to sue writer over whit…

Taylor Swift threatens to sue writer over white supremacy critique:





just so we’re clear, shes not suing the white supremacists who are calling her an aryan goddess or icon. shes suing someone bringing attention to her passive at best support of white supremacists

UHHHHHHHHHHHHH (repeat repeat repeat)

I saw this comment on facebook:

“You know what I find interesting? A white supremacist wrote a lengthy op ed about Taylor Swift being the “perfect Aryan goddess” who secretly put Nazi symbols in her lyrics and videos and she didn’t go after him. Breitbart spent hours tweeting her song lyrics when Look What You Made Me Do came out, and that’s an alt-right publication famous for its white nationalist followers and has millions of readers…but she didn’t denounce them. No. She goes after a blog that has less than 1000 followers on Twitter. You know how Trump got more upset at that ESPN anchor for calling him a white supremacist than David Duke and Nazis for proclaiming that he’s “one of them”? Yeah. Same thing.“