The night before a holiday, when most people’s…

The night before a holiday, when most people’s attention is generally not on the news, the Baltimore Police Department revealed potentially shocking revelations about the murder of Baltimore Police Det. Sean Suiter at a press conference, then emailed a statement not long after that announced the administratives charges against Sgt. Alicia White, the last officer facing a police trial board in the death of Freddie Gray, have been dismissed.

At the 5 p.m. press conference, Commissioner Kevin Davis told reporters gathered at Baltimore Police Department headquarters that Sean Suiter, the Detective who was murdered on Nov. 15, was scheduled to testify the following day

“The very next day after Det. Suiter was murdered, he was scheduled to appear before a federal grand jury,” Davis said at the news conference. “Det. Suiter was going to offer federal grand jury testimony about an incident that occurred several years ago that included officers who are now federally indicted back in March, the GTTF [Gun Trace Task Force] squad and included officers who were on the scene in that particular incident.”