fuzzydreamlandwhispers: do you have any idea …


do you have any idea what’s it like to live in a communist country?? of course you fucking don’t. you live in the oh so great america, where you can say whatever you want about your president and you won’t get quietly murdered by the goverment, or quietly put into a workcamp where you’ll have to provide for your family *and* for your stay there.

my dad had an open fracture on his wrist and then was sprayed with ice-cold hose water by cops, in the middle of january, because him and a bunch of other students were protesting againts this bullshit.

a student burned himself to death just to make people realize just how bad this shit was, that we needed a burning college student to put even a bit of our attention on this issue. we were trapped in this shithole, we couldn’t leave, we couldn’t learn other languages, we couldn’t vote for a different leader, we weren’t allowed to read specific books, we weren’t allowed to make or listen to specific music and so on. if we did, our asses would be sent straight to jail or literally beaten to death. just because we wanted to do something we could possibly enjoy.

and this is just the shit white people went trough. can you imagine what the few poc’s living here had to go trough??

of course you can’t. cause you live a happy privileged life in the big and rich america, praising communism on the internet, while i’m sitting here, with most my family that went trough this bullshit and got out of it with their own share of mental disorders, and all of them are currently shaking their heads in disgust at your idiocy.

my parents’ life was so fucked that they were bawling tears of joy when i was able to learn english without anyone trying to shoot me in the head. and every year, they have a wild ass party for old people on the anniversary when the whole communism bullshit was ended here.

so many intelligent people were killed in working camps, so many innocent musician were beaten to death, so many poc’s were riculed and their houses were ruined for practicing their cultures rituals, and till now, some people here are incredibly anxious (read -> racist as fuck) whenever they see anyone whose skintone is even slightly darker then they’re own, because they were never taught that people like that exist.

so yeah. communism might seem incredibly progressive in theory, but it’s not good. not at all.

(i’m sorry if this sounded really agressive and also inconsistent (is that the right word for this??)… but this is a really sensitive subject for me and my family)

i can tell that this is a subject that brings up a lot of emotions for you but if you truly believe none of the stuff that you describes happens in america / under capitalism, i don’t know what to tell you…