*A LONG but NECESSARY post* 🔥 TODAY is the d…


🔥 TODAY is the day. They are scheduled to vote tomorrow. Our first Call to Action is the tax plan vote. Please call every number in the picture below and follow the script. 🔥

“Republicans have only a 52-48 majority in the Senate, meaning they can’t afford to lose more than two votes if they want to pass any bill. A number of senators have already spoken out against the tax proposal; here are seven Republicans who could kill it outright.”
Script when making the call:

“Hello, I’m ________ from ________. I strongly oppose the GOP’s proposal to make deep cuts to taxes for the wealthy and corporations. I also strongly oppose the GOP’s attempt to sabotage healthcare access by removing the individual mandate. Thank you.”

For a less scripted approach, here are some talking points:

✅Republicans in the House and Senate are proposing more than $1.5 Trillion of unfunded tax cuts over 10 years.

✅The House passed its version of the bill on November 16, 2017.31 percent of middle class families will see their taxes rise over the next ten years while big corporations and the rich get significant tax cuts.

✅The Senate’s proposal reduces corporate taxes from 35% to 20%.

✅There is no indication that the cost of this cut will be completely offset by economic growth as Republicans commonly claim.

✅The elimination of state and local tax deductions will disproportionately hurt families living in states with high taxes such as New York and California.

✅Eliminating or raising the cap of the estate tax will benefit the top one-half of one percent of Americans (approximately 5,000 families), perpetuating dynastic wealth and extreme inequality that contributes to social and economic instability.

✅A complete bill and CBO score will be necessary to fully evaluate the cost of the Senate plan.”