No white american slave owners are alive today…

No white american slave owners are alive today and no former black slaves are alive today either, but white people owe reparations because of their ancestors and black people are owed because of the suffering of their ancestors? That's what you're saying, right? So if you think that, that means you also think that guilt, suffering, accountability etc. can transfer from person to person and from generation to generation. Right? That Sins of the father thing? Are you really sure about that?

reparations are owed because to this day we as white people still benefit from the actions of our ancestors. the wealth divide that exists today between black people and white people can be traced directly back to slavery.

you know what i’m gonna quote the same article and you all better read it before you start talking complete utter bullshit about reparations:

“While there are substantial income disparities by race, wealth in the form of property and other assets reveals more about the multi-generational roots of inequality. Assets provide a buffer against economic downturns, both personal and societal. Wealth also plays an essential role in establishing financial security and opportunity for future generations.

According to the Pew Research Center, the median wealth of white households in 2013 was a stunning 13 times greater than the median wealth of black households—up from eight times greater in 2010. White households, meanwhile, had ten times more wealth than Latino households. The average retirement savings for black and Latino households is $19,049 and $12,229, respectively, compared to $130,472 for white households.

If average black wealth grows at the same rate as it has over the last 30 years, 228 years—17 years shorter than the institution of slavery in the US—will go by before it equals the amount of wealth possessed by white households today, according to a report I co-authored with the Corporation for Enterprise Development, Ever Growing Gap. This of course presumes white wealth remains static, which it will not. It will grow.

In the case of racial economic divisions, the full horror of dispossession remains difficult to grasp. In 1965, a century after the formal end of slavery, African-Americans were still largely excluded from programs that helped build middle-class wealth. In the decades following World War II, our nation made unprecedented public investments to subsidize debt-free college education and low-cost mortgages. But these wealth-building measures benefited millions of mostly white households.

People of color, meanwhile, faced overt discrimination in mortgage lending and separate-and-unequal school systems throughout the United States. Barred from traditional forms of credit, African-Americans were pushed into wealth-stripping mortgage scams like “contract for deed mortgages,” where a missed payment would lead to eviction and loss of all equity.

So while many whites were able to board an express train to middle-class wealth between 1945 and 1975, people of color were left standing at the railway station waiting for a train that never showed up. As a result of government subsidies, white homeownership rates steadily rose to as high as 75% in 2005, according to the US Census, while black rates peaked at 46% the same year, a 30-point gap that remains today.

White households were able to help their children obtain access to homeownership and stability through what sociologists call the “intergenerational transmission of advantage.” Making matters worse, white economic advantage has historically compounded over time while black disadvantage has compounded or thwarted advancement.”