Call congress and protect Net Neutrality



I try to keep things fun and light on here…but…this is really important. Imagine what will happen to our fandom (and all the fandoms all over the internet) if the FCC kills net neutrality? There’s a strong possibility huge swaths of content will be inaccessible and it will hurt the fan content creators you love.

I have SUPER ANXIETY but calling my congressman made me feel better about this than I’ve felt in weeks. I actually did something. And they were really polite on the phone even though I was like

“Kill net neutrality? Now you’re not even speaking English”

They said the calls matter. PLEASE call. 

It’s SO easy if you go to and put in your phone number. 

  1. they give you a little script and call your number
  2. you enter your zip code into your phone
  3. it connects you to your congressperson
  4. you say you support net neutrality and ask if the congressperson does
  5. if they do, say you appreciate their support and ask them to keep fighting
  6. if they don’t, make it clear you will not vote for them and will support their opponents in the future unless they change their stance (this is the most effective thing to say!)

I did some pacing around to work up the courage to do it, but 

I’m sorry this got long…but please, this is really important. Your voice CAN make a difference.

Also always remember you can write to congress.

Here and here and here are helpful posts. 

I have near panic attacks when I have to talk on the phone sometimes, esp about important stuff like this that I’m already panicking about, so just reminders you do have other options to be supportive.

But if you are brave enough, please do call! Do all you can! The internet is very important.