California police worked with neo-Nazis to pur…

California police worked with neo-Nazis to pursue ‘anti-racist’ activists, documents show:



Well, I’m sure this is just one isolated incident of the cops secretly collaborating & conspiring with neo-nazis, right?  I mean, aside from the other three times mentioned in the article.
And also aside from that cop that ran a white supremacist website
And also aside from that Florida police department riddled with KKK members
And also aside from that nazi cop in Philly that got outed
And also aside that Mpls. cop that runs a racist MC in his free time
And especially also aside from that time the Greensboro police department colluded with the KKK to help them murder five anti-racists in a shooting rampage in broad daylight.  

The worst thing is, that this doesn’t surprise me. It seems that US police are looking at white supremacist organisations as their largest, most reliable recruitment pools.