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it’s a beautiful thing

One time at a club this guy had been harassing my friend and after she found me and told me about him, my drunk ass went to go look for him so I could tell him off & inform security. I found him groping another girl against a wall, who was very obviously trying to push him away. I pried this asshole off her and stepped between them saying hey get away from my friend. While I argued with the guy, the girl backed away & told my friends she was really grateful. I’ve been sexually harassed, assaulted & r*ped and I never want to see someone else go through any of that.

i know ive told the story before but i remain grateful to the nurse who helped me out yrs ago. i was 13 in the ER waiting room and this dude who was the only other one in the room kept asking where i lived and creepy shit so the nurse called to me asking if i wanted to go in and see me mom and before she let me in asked me if he was bothering me. i really don’t know why i was left alone (really wasn’t entirely unusual with my family though) but ill remain forever grateful bc even at that age i was naive and gullible as well as low key wanting attention and predators can sense that shit from 30 miles out.