i know y’all don’t want to hear this but coping mechanisms aren’t inherently healthy and just because it helps you in the moment doesn’t mean it won’t hurt you in the long run

when people tell you your coping mechanism is unhealthy they aren’t trying to police you or tell you what to do, they’re pointing out that you are hurting yourself and possibly hurting others and that you should find better ways to work through your trauma to have a better outcome in life

listen if this post makes you mad, I’m sorry, but i made this as someone who is mentally ill, as someone who is an abuse victim who has and still uses unhealthy coping mechanisms because people on this website discouraged me from seeking help

it’s hard to recognize youre hurting yourself. it’s hard to break out of that. im just tired of the prominent anti-recovery rhetoric on tumblr dot com and a lot of others are too.

Good post here.

And for anyone who missed it the first time reading, like I did: inherently is an important word there. There is such thing as healthy coping mechanisms. They exist. But there’s also such thing as unhealthy coping mechanisms, and you need to figure out which one is which if you want to better yourself.