vegan “gotchas” are becoming more and more of a reach. what i put in my body isn’t going to change what lobbyists want. whether or not i consume animal by-products won’t change whether tires still keep being made or whether/how all those non-animal consumables are transported and by who and gathered/processed by who for how much. yall so sure changing your diet is gonna change the world when there are so many more lobbies at play than you realize. capitalism is a tightly strung web of mutually beneficial connections. Their lobbies are much better funded and taken care of than you or I.

it’s also constantly forgotten that NOT EVERYONE CAN EAT ALL THE DIFFERENT KINDS OF FOOD OR HAVE ACCESS OR CAN AFFORD IT. I know many vegans will say do what you can, but yall really don’t get how useless that feels when the best you can do is mistreat yourself somehow. certainly for some people it is accessible and sometimes even beneficial, but for those of us who already have difficulty getting enough diversity in their diet as is, cutting off more options isn’t productive. ive had enough of being shamed for my diet. i would like capitalists to be shamed instead. not the fucker who’s busting their ass just to afford what they can and hardly has the energy to feed themselves as is.

bottom line, if you think having any particular diet gives you any moral high ground, it really doesn’t. We all shit, we are all shit, and we are all in this shit together no matter what you eat. It all still feeds into the same fucked up system that will leak somewhere at all times until the system is disassembled and replaced.