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Watch: This revolutionary technology is changing the world for kids born without limbs 

That’s awesome and I’m sure its way cheaper than a prosthetic, but seriously it cannot be cheap to 3d print something that big…

this one 17 year old guy 3d printed an entire arm and shoulder for himself and it cost him $250

this seven year old girl got half an arm (just like lusie in the gifs) 3d printed and it only cost $50

can we just compare that with the average price of buying a prosthetic


3d printing is gonna help so many people holy crap 

No no no, guys, this gif set leaves out the literal best stuff from the video.

So a few years back, this guy who accidentally cut off his fingers, teamed up with a special effects artist/puppeteer and created a 3D printable prosthetic hand, that used the movement of the wearer to be able to grab things. The guys who did this said they were just going to post the schematics online, which in turn lead to creating a network of people with 3D printers, who were willing to print prosthetics for people. The network of volunteers, turned into an organization that gives prosthetic arms/hands to kids who need them. They have science types improving the designs and creating new ones, they got a grant from Google, classrooms and scout troops are getting involved and making prosthetic hands for people.

Everything about this is amazing.

It’s stuff like this that makes technology awesome :’)