aspects of emotionally abusive parent/child relationships that i still can’t believe they included in tangled:

  • gothel appearing genuinely sweet and caring at times, enough to possibly even confuse the audience
  • the mumbling: just having that tiny insignificant little thing be something that gothel consistently, for no discernible reason, gets pissed about
  • having a special “i love you” exchange: seriously like idk if this is common but i had the same sort of thing with my abusive dad and the first time they said the whole “i love you more” “i love you most” thing i was like holy SHIT
  • when gothel says “oh great, now i’m the bad guy”: i cannot stress enough that 100% of the time any parent who complains about being the bad guy is abusive
  • and then later when she’s like “you want me to be the bad guy? fine” as if rapunzel’s making her do all this by not wanting to be locked up forever
  • when rapunzel tells pascal “shh, don’t let her see you”: why wouldn’t gothel want rapunzel to have a pet?? they never explain that, but they don’t need to, because of course she won’t allow rapunzel to have this harmless thing that makes her happy
  • rapunzel having an entire sequence where she struggles with finally feeling free and happy and also thinking that makes her a terrible person because her mother wouldn’t like it