International Queer History

Berlin was the first Gay City™ during the roaming twenties with the first Institute for the Science of Sexuality. This Institute was founded by Magnus Hirschfeld. He fought for gay rights as well as helping sexual minorities.

Berlin at the time was an important city for queer folks, even from other countries. Many british people went there to practice their sexuality.

There was lots of advertisement targeted at gay people and many queer places to go.

The science of transexuality was invented during that time in Berlin and the first male-to-femal operation was performed successfully.

What’s also important to know, that all this happened, even though gay sex still was restricted by the law.

Unfortunately, the queer groups were crushed by the election of a new head of police, as well as the rise of the nazis. Many queer people were hunted down and slaughtered in concentration camps. The Institute got burned down and about all of the records were lost.


Putting this up again, because it’s Pride Month and I see a big lack of non-american queer history