Buy Celebrating Amazing Women a Coffee. ko-fi….

Buy Celebrating Amazing Women a Coffee.

My dear friends and followers,

A member of the CAW community has very kindly gifted me a subscription to Ko-fi Gold! I will not name them, but I thank them once again from the bottom of my heart. There are a number of perks, such as being able to set up a recurrent donation, Patreon-style. Once again, my content is and always will be free, but in case you are feeling generous and want to fuel me with caffeine – here you go!

I am also taking commissions for written articles. I am already collaborating with a number of feminist magazines and websites, but I am always looking for more! If you’d like a guest feature from me on your blog/website/publication, please get in touch via Ko-fi or directly here.

Thank you for being with me in the 4th year of Celebrating Amazing Women. Your support means a lot.