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“Marvel hired Chloe Zhao to direct “The Eternals” — making her the first woman of color to direct an MCU movie”

– @ajplus

‘The Rider’ Director Chloé Zhao Lands Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’

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Direct action



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Tweet source

True story: guys online are actually complaining that Captain Marvel doesn’t smile in the trailer.

Update: Brie Larson’s response:



white privilege is going on sites like and finding documented history of family because they weren’t destroyed and forgotten

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Gillian Anderson on meeting Kate McKinnon for the first time. (x)

What she described is clearest case of gay panic that I’ve ever heard 😂



What white supremacy does:

  • Kills us
  • Imprisons us
  • Made us slaves
  • Keeps us as unequals
  • Had us experimented on
  • Give us less job opportunities 
  • Got us sterilized 
  • Abuses us
  • Means we are not properly represented in the media
  • Our looks are not “beautiful”
  • Segregated us
  • Kept us out of your housing areas
  • Put us in prison longer
  • Puts us in prison more
  • Erases our innocence, even as children
  • Means predominately Black schools are underfunded and understaffed
  • Means people associate negative traits with us automatically
  • Leaves us earning more
  • Hurts our mental health
  • Hurts our physical health
  • Doesn’t take our mental health seriously
  • Takes our culture as their own
  • Erases our culture
  • Means us being intelligent is a “surprise”
  • Means we are thugs in every action we do
  • Means we are assumed to be undeserving in our success and it’s written off as “affirmative action” or “appeasing political correctness”
  • Means my hair is a “problem” in the workplace/school environment
  • Gets us followed in stores and on the streets
  • Gets us mistreated in schools
  • Means my history is dedicated to 1 month – with huge controversy
  • Is the reason for #IfTheyGunnedMeDown
  • Means all major banks discriminate against us
  • Stereotypes us all as welfare queens and murderous thugs
  • Means that every negative thing we do is a reflection of our race and if we don’t fit the stereotype than we are “acting white”

What calling someone Becky does:

  • Calls them Becky
  • Maybe annoys them a little

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gentle reminder


if life isn’t going great right now, please try your best to remember that with time it will get better, you will make good memories, and you will find happiness again

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Caring community

  This is the kind of shit people did back in the Depression. When mortgage holds would try to sell a farm, everyone in the community showed up and strong armed any serious bidders away. They had the ‘penny auction’ tactic, where farmers would bid absurdly small amounts on farm equipment and land (while glaring intensely) until the auctioneer realized they needed to take what they were getting, or get their legs broken. This kind of stuff saved so many farms, they’d buy off 500+ dollar mortgages (which were huge amounts back then) for less than 100 dollars and give it back to the farm owners.

   The lesson to take away is that only direct action and community organizing can help in such dire times.