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The barefoot engineers of Malawi – in pictures

The barefoot engineers of Malawi – in pictures: undefined

Nabawiyya Musa (1886-1951) is one of the leadi…

Nabawiyya Musa (1886-1951)
is one of the leading Egyptian feminists of the 20th century. She
was a dedicated advocate for female education and sexual empowerment in her
country, going against traditional norms.

In 1907, she was the first girl in Egypt to
finish high school. She went on to become a teacher and promoted equal
opportunities in education, eventually becoming a lecturer at the newly-founded
Egyptian University. Her advocacy also focused on ending sexual violence
against women and empowering them to be a part of the workforce and Egyptian

Musimbi Kanyoro (b. 1953) is a human rights ad…

Musimbi Kanyoro (b. 1953)
is a human rights advocate from Kenya. She is the President and CEO of the
Global Fund for Women, positions she has held since 2011.

She studied in
her native Kenya and in the United States. In 1998 she became the first woman
to serve as World Secretary General for the YWCA, an organisation which seeks
to empower women and girls worldwide. She is involved in many other human
rights organisations, such as the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice
and the World Health Organization.

Lotfia Elnadi (b. 1907-2002) was the first wom…

Lotfia Elnadi (b.
1907-2002) was the first woman not only in her native country of Egypt, but in
the whole Arab world and the continent of Africa, to earn a pilot’s license.
She achieved this in 1933.

She attended
flight lessons while keeping it a secret from her father, who expected her to
follow a traditional path in life of becoming a housewife. Instead, she made
international headlines for her achievement, and inspired generations of other
women to take up aviation.

Marguerite Barankitse (b. 1957) is a prominent…

Marguerite Barankitse (b. 1957) is a prominent
human rights activist from Burundi. She received numerous international awards
for her work focused on improving the lives of children and combatting ethnic

In 1993,
she created Maison Shalom, or the House of Peace, which over the years grew to
house more than 20 thousand orphaned children of all ethnic origins. Later, she
founded the Community Center Oasis of Peace, where she offers, among others,
psychological support to rape victims or vocational training.

Victoria Kalima (1972-2018) was a politician f…

(1972-2018) was a politician from the African nation of Zambia. She
served on the National Assembly for Kasenengwa, as well as in the role of
Minister of Gender.

Throughout her political career, she was concerned with issues of human rights
and gender equality in particular. She also worked to outlaw child marriages in

Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim (1933-2017) was an author…

Ahmed Ibrahim
(1933-2017) was an author and women’s rights activist from Sudan. She won
the UN Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Human Rights in 1993.

Her activism began very early, in her school
days, when she created a newspaper called Pioneer
She conducted the first women’s strike in Sudan when her school
decided to replace science classes with so-called ‘family science’ lessons.
Throughout her career, she worked to obtain the right to vote for Sudanese
women, as well as gender equality in the workforce.

Hassiba Boulmerka (b. 1968) is a former Algeri…

Hassiba Boulmerka (b. 1968) is a former Algerian athlete. She won a total of eight medals, five of which were gold, in prominent international competitions.

She won the 1500 m race at the 1991 World Championships, becoming the first African woman to win a world title in athletics. In 1992 she won Algeria’s first ever gold medal at the Olympics.

Samia Nkrumah (b. 1960) is the chairperson of …

Samia Nkrumah (b. 1960) is the
chairperson of the Convention People’s Party in Ghana. She is the first woman
in the country to head a major political party.

She studied at the University of
London before returning to Ghana to head the CCP and continue its tradition of
upholding women’s rights in the country. She co-founded the organisation Africa Must Unite and was named ‘the new
Mandela’ by the Huffington Post.

Daphne Sheldrick (1934-2018) was an expert in …

Daphne Sheldrick (1934-2018) was an expert in animal husbandry. She dedicated her life and career to rescuing orphan baby elephants and reintegrating them into the wild.

She was born and educated in Kenya, and was warden of the Tsavo National Park, where she helped care for a variety of wildlife. She was the first to perfect the milk formula necessary to sustain baby elephants and rhinos. In 1977, she founded the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, now the world’s most successful rescue and rehabilitation programme for elephants.