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Carolina Duer (b. 1978) is a boxer from Argentina. She has held multiple world
champion titles, such as the IBF bantamweight title and the WBO super flyweight.

She first became the WBO super flyweight
champion in 2010 and defended that title six times. She is the first woman of Jewish
origins to hold a WBO boxing championship.

(1892-1938) was a poet from Argentina. She was an important
representative of the Modernist movement in her country.

A single mother at the age of nineteen, she supported herself with
teaching and journalism in Buenos Aires, and later started publishing her
works. The 1920 book Languidez, her
second, won the National Literature Prize for the year. She published numerous
other poetry collections over more than twenty years, exhibiting strong
feminist themes.

was the first woman who earned a commercial pilot’s license in South America.
She achieved this in 1937 in her native Argentina.

Her achievements include piloting an amphibious
aircraft on a 4000-mile journey, from Panama to Argentina, in 1940, and flying
to Uruguay with two other female aviators in 1943, officially representing
Argentina. She was also a strong proponent of women’s rights and fought for the
recognition of female aviators.

Estela de Carlotto (b. 1930) is a human rights
activist from Argentina. She is the president of the association of
Grandmothers of Plaza del Mayo, whose goal is to find the children stolen
during the Argentine dictatorship.

Her daughter,
Laura, was kidnapped in 1977 while three months pregnant. De Carlotto later
traced the child and was reunited with him in 2014. Through her work with the
association, she helped countless other family find their relatives, and received
numerous awards in recognition.

Milagro Sala (b. 1964) is an Argentinian indigenous leader
and activist. She heads the Tupac Amaru neighborhood association, which helps
provide social housing for the native people of Argentina.

She is also a leading figure of the movimiento piquetero in her country. She
was arrested and imprisoned by the Argentinian government, in a move condemned
by Amnesty International and other human rights organizations.