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Natalia Goncharova (1881-1962) was a Russian a…

Natalia Goncharova (1881-1962) was a Russian avantgarde artist, working in a number of
genres, including painting, costume design and illustration. She was one of the
founders of the Rayonist movement, a style of abstract art which developed in
the early 20th century.

was a prominent and influential artist, bridging the gap between Eastern and
Western traditions, and participating in numerous avantgarde groups. Her 1909
painting Picking Apples sold in 2007 for $9.8 million, a record for any
female artist at the time. Her work can be admired today at the Guggenheim and
MoMA, among others.

Phoebe Anna Traquair (1852-1936) was an Irish …

Phoebe Anna Traquair (1852-1936) was an Irish artist who achieved prominence for her work during the Arts and Crafts movement in Scotland. Her work varied from large murals to embroidery.

One of her most celebrated works are the murals she created for the church now known as the Mansfield Traquair centre, which has been called ‘the Sistine Chapel of Edinburgh’. She was elected as the first female member of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1920.

Above: Self-portrait, 1911, and Salvation of Mankind, 1886-1893

Tuulikki Pietilä (1917-2009) was one of the mo…

(1917-2009) was one of the most important graphic artists in Finland. She
collaborated with her partner, Tove Jansson (pictured) on numerous projects,
most famously the Moomins.

In addition to her work as an artist, she was a teacher at the Academy of
Fine Arts in Helsinki. She was awarded the Pro Finlandia medal in 1963.