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Jodi Picoult (b. 1966) is a prolific novelist,…

(b. 1966) is a prolific novelist, with a writing career spanning almost
three decades. Her novels have been translated into 34 languages and 14 million
copies have been published worldwide.

She studied at Princeton and Harvard, after which she started writing for
DC Comics, particularly the Wonder Woman series.
She has written almost 30 novels and has won numerous prizes, such as Waterstone’s
Author of the Year or the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Romance Writers
of America.

Jessie Redmon Fauset (1882-1961) was an author…

Redmon Fauset
(1882-1961) was an author and journalist
whose work helped portray a real image of African-American life in the 1920s.
Her four novels, which focus on the African-American middle class, are significant
representatives of the Harlem Renaissance.

In addition to her own literary work, she helped
discover and promote other black writers, such as Langston Hughes or Claude
McKay. She worked as the literary editor of an NAACP magazine, The Crisis, for seven years.

Aslı Erdoğan (b. 1967) is a Turkish author, jo…

Aslı Erdoğan (b. 1967) is a
Turkish author, journalist and human rights activist. She was the recipient of
the Simone de Beauvoir Prize in 2018.

She studied physics and computer engineering and
worked for a period of time as a particle physicist for the European Organization
for Nuclear Research. Her novels were translated in several languages and won
international prizes. In 2016 she was arrested for being a contributor to the
newspaper Özgür Gündem (New Agenda).

Mercedes de Acosta (1893-1968) was an American…

Mercedes de
was an American poet and playwright of Spanish origin. Although unsuccessful in
her writing career, she is remembered for living as openly gay despite societal

She was involved with
a number of Broadway and Hollywood actresses, and never attempted to keep her
sexuality a secret. She was also a strong promoter of liberal causes and
women’s rights, and supported the Republican government during the Spanish
Civil War.

Karen Joy Fowler (b. 1950) is an author workin…

Karen Joy
(b. 1950)
is an author working mostly in the genres of fantasy and science fiction. She
is best known for her bestselling 2004 novel The Jane Austen Book Club.

Her first novel was
published in 1991 and received great critical acclaim. Throughout her career
she won the Nebula Award, as well as the World Fantasy Award, twice and three
times respectively, along with other honours such as the PEN/Faulkner Award for

Grace Paley (1922-2007) was an author and poli…

Grace Paley (1922-2007) was an author
and political activist. She mostly published short story anthologies and

She won numerous awards for her literary work,
including a Guggenheim Fellowship for Fiction or the Edith Wharton Award. In
addition, she taught at various higher education institutions such as Columbia
or Syracuse University. Her activism focused mostly on pacifism and antiwar
efforts, and campaigned extensively against the Vietnam War and American intervention.

 Selma Lagerlöf (1858-1940) was a Swedish writ…

was a Swedish writer who, in 1909, became the first female author to be awarded
the Nobel Prize in Literature. She was also the first female member of the
Swedish Academy.

She was initially a teacher, and only
published her first novel at the age of 33. Her most famous work, the children’s
book The Wonderful Adventures of Nils,
was an instant success and was translated into more than 30 languages.

Maureen Duffy (b. 1993) is a British author an…

Maureen Duffy (b. 1993) is a British
author and activist. Throughout her life, she campaigned for various causes
such as LGBT rights and animal rights.

literary works were critically-acclaimed bestsellers, and many, such as the
novels That’s How It Was and The Microcosm, portray the lives of gay
women. Duffy was the first openly gay woman in British public life, coming out
in the early 1960s. In 1980 she became the first president of the Gay Humanist

Era Bell Thompson (1905-1986) was an author an…

Era Bell Thompson (1905-1986) was an
author and editor who was an influential figure in African-American studies.
She was an editor for Ebony magazine
for almost 40 years.

After studying journalism at the
University of North Dakota and Northwestern University, she joined Ebony as an associate editor, and helped
shape the magazine’s vision throughout the decades. She published the book Africa, Land of My Fathers, in 1954,
detailing her experience of visiting 18 African countries.

Sarah Waters (b. 1966) is a Welsh author, know…

Sarah Waters (b. 1966) is a Welsh
author, known for her Victorian-era novels featuring lesbian characters. Each
of her novels has received various literary awards.

Her first novel, Tipping the Velvet, was released in 1998
and was subsequently translated in 24 languages. The 2002 novel Fingersmith was shortlisted for the
Booker Prize and the Orange Prize. She won Author of the Year on several