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Funny how women generally don’t whip out their genitalia but it’s perfectly ok for men to do this? It’s a natural everyday thing in civilization? No hon, you’re uncivilized and you clearly need to be trained on how to be human.

Men, we aren’t made for you! 

THIS THIS THIS I just love it. It’s so true. The same as “Defiling” a woman or girl when it’s your own hands so who is really the “dirty” one? Ugh, chauvinists.

I completely agree. Stop going against God’s will for free will. If you truly believe, leave it to God. These situations aren’t black and white and I don’t believe God would purposely have someone raped in order to have them bear a certain child or would want a child to be born to be neglected and abused it’s entire life.

Stop blaming the mentally ill for what’s wrong with society.

I don’t understand why Daniel feels to need to tell everyone what he likes to do with it. Keep that shit private, bro. Just shave it.

You can’t have it both ways – either they are children who don’t understand or they are perfectly capable of making serious decisions. Seeing as so many sexist middle aged men want to be the ones putting a 16 year old girl into this position, I’d say give them their rights. (Of course I’d say give it to them anyway but are you seriously acting like paternity tests don’t exist???)

I love this and hope to use it in the future… because you know it’s coming.


Wait… what?!? 100% ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of men cause unwanted pregnancies?!? They have something to do with this?!? Time to own up boys.

So now that it’s a good thing for males, we all agree, right?