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(b. 1983) is a
Lithuanian chess player. She was awarded the FIDE title of Grandmaster in 2010.

She started playing
at the age of six, and won her first title, the European Youth Chess
Championships, at ten. She is a European champion and twice-national champion.

was an Austrian chess player. She held the titles of International Master and
Woman Grandmaster.

She started
playing chess at the age of ten, and won various junior championships eight
times. She was awarded the title of Woman Grandmaster in 2003, the first
Austrian to achieve this. In addition, she held a degree in business

Alexandra Kosteniuk (b. 1984) is a Russian chess grandmaster. She was won multiple championships, both individually and as part of a team.

She started learning at the age of five, and won her first title at the European Youth Chess Championship at age ten. At 12, she was the Russian women’s champion in rapid chess. Since then she has won nine gold medals in international competitions.

Alla Kushnir (1941-2013) was a Russian-born Israeli chess Woman Grandmaster, and three times gold medallist of the Women’s Chess Olympiads, twice for Russia and once for Israel. She was also thrice challenger to Women’s World Chess Championship. 

She was outspoken in describing the pressures she received from the USSR after she started playing for Israel. After she gave up chess in her late 70s, she became a world-renowned professor of Numismatics at Tel Aviv University. 

Valentina Golubenko (b. 1990) is an
Estonian chess Woman grandmaster. She obtained this title in 2007, when she was
17 years old. She is the first and only World youth chess champion from her
native country.

She participated in
numerous tournaments growing up, and had a perfect 100% winning rate in six of
these. She has won the Estonian championship in multiple categories, and the
gold medal at the World Youth Chess Championship in 2008.