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Nina Bang (1866-1928)
was a Danish politician and historian. She was appointed Minister of Education
in 1924, becoming the first female minister in an internationally recognized government.

She studied history at the University of
Copenhagen and was one of the first Danish women to obtain a degree. She was
the only woman on the executive committee of the Social Democratic Party in the
country. As minister, her priority was improving teacher training and the
Danish school system.

Ester Boserup (1910-1999) was a Danish
economist, specializing in agricultural development. She was highly influential
in the discussion on the role of women in the workforce and human development,
as well as better professional and educational opportunities.

She started work for
the Danish government, but soon began a collaboration with the United Nations,
and developed several important theories on the relation between agriculture
and population. She wrote the 1970 book Woman’s
Role in Economic Development
, highlighting the vital contribution of women
in the global economy.

Karen Blixen (1885-1962) was a Danish writer,
most famous for her 1937 memoir Out of
. Though she never won, she was considered several times for the
Nobel Prize in Literature.

Her first book, Seven Gothic Tales, was published in
1933 under a male pseudonym and gained instant fame and recognition in several
countries. Out of Africa, which described her life on a farm in Kenya, established her reputation as an author. Her work was recognised with multiple awards in her home country of