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Heidi Hartmann (b. 1945) is a feminist economi…

Heidi Hartmann (b. 1945) is a feminist economist, an expert in public policy and
the way it affects women. She is the founder and president of the Institute for
Women’s Policy Research.

She obtained her PhD in economics from Yale
University in 1972, and later started teaching at the New School for Social
Research in New York. She was a senior research economist at the Office of
Research of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

Ailsa Mckay (1963-2014) was a Scottish feminis…

(1963-2014) was a Scottish feminist economist.
She is remembered for her research on gender inequality and the welfare state,
as well as for being a proponent for the concept of basic income.

She was an economics professor at Glasgow
Caledonian University, and later became Vice Dean of the Glasgow School for
Business and Society. She was a leading authority on gender budget analysis, a
founding member of the European Gender Budget Network and the chairperson of
the European chapter of the International Association for Feminist Economics.

Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919) is an important fig…

is an important figure in the fields of economics and revolutionary socialism.
She was active in left-wing politics and pacifist activism in Germany.

She became a Doctor of Law after attending
the University of Zurich. She was imprisoned for organising anti-war protests
and strikes, and writing articles and books in support of socialist causes. She
was eventually captured and executed in Berlin during the German Revolution.

DeAnne Julius (b. 1949) is a British-American …

DeAnne Julius (b. 1949) is a British-American economist. She is one of the founders of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England.

After graduating with a PhD in economics from the University of California, Davis, she worked for the CIA as an economic analyst. She later worked as a project economist for the World Bank, and is currently the Chair of University College London.

Anna Jacobson Schwartz (1915-2012) was an economist, considered…

Jacobson Schwartz
(1915-2012) was an economist, considered one of the
world’s greatest scholars in the field. She is best known as a co-author of the
work A Monetary History of the United
seen as one of the most influential books of the 20th

She served as the president of the Western Economic Association
International, as well as the International Atlantic Economic Society. She
wrote 9 books and published over 100 research articles throughout her career.

Edith Abbott (1876-1957) was an economist and a pioneer in the…

Edith Abbott (1876-1957) was an
economist and a pioneer in the field of social work. In 1924, she became the
first female dean in the United States at the University of Chicago.

studied economics extensively throughout the United States and the UK, and
became an academic as well as an expert on immigration issues. She was chair of
the Committee on Crime and the Foreign Born, and worked to end the exploitation
of immigrants. She was also concerned with child labour laws, and the
mistreatment suffered by prisoners.

Elinor Ostrom (1933-2012) was an American political economist…

Elinor Ostrom (1933-2012) was an American political economist and the only woman to ever win the Nobel Memorial Prize for Economic Sciences.
Although she was rejected for a PhD in Economics at the UCLA she graduated with an MA in political science from the same institution, and three years later she accepted a professorship at Indiana University, where she had worked for most of her life. 

Ostrom is mostly known for her work in Economics, particularly how humans interact with the environment to create sustainable resource yields, and how common resources can be used effectively by people, rather than by governments or corporations. She received the Nobel Memorial Prize in 2009 “for her analysis of economic governance.”

Ester Boserup (1910-1999) was a Danish economist, specializing…

Ester Boserup (1910-1999) was a Danish
economist, specializing in agricultural development. She was highly influential
in the discussion on the role of women in the workforce and human development,
as well as better professional and educational opportunities.

She started work for
the Danish government, but soon began a collaboration with the United Nations,
and developed several important theories on the relation between agriculture
and population. She wrote the 1970 book Woman’s
Role in Economic Development
, highlighting the vital contribution of women
in the global economy.