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Happy Birthday to you, Kurt Cobain <3

Source: Global Gender Gap Report 2020, WEF

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Martha Wright Griffiths (1912-2003) was the first woman elected to US Congress
in Michigan, and the first woman elected as Lieutenant Governor of Michigan.
She was instrumental in including the prohibition of sex discrimination in the
Civil Rights Act of 1964.

becoming a Representative, she served as a lawyer and a judge in Detroit. She
is known as ‘the mother of the Equal Rights Amendment’ for her sponsorship and
advocacy of it.

Results from the new released: Global Gender Gap Report 2020

1. Iceland
2. Noreway
3. Finland
4. Sweden
5. Nicaragua

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Global Gender Gap Report 2020:

Very interesting report to read. In Iceland there is the most gender equality!

(L. Frankel, 2018)

Take something small from a man, any man, and see how quickly they get upset. Yet, we’re supposed to be just fine with oppression. Just leave our rights alone! 

It’s not another woman’s fault if you can’t have a child. It’s also not her job to have a child for you. There’s too many neglected children in foster care to even try making this an argument. Infertility really sucks but other women didn’t make you so in order to police your body. Therefore, please stop trying to police theirs.


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