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Results from the new released: Global Gender Gap Report 2020

1. Iceland
2. Noreway
3. Finland
4. Sweden
5. Nicaragua

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Global Gender Gap Report 2020:

Very interesting report to read. In Iceland there is the most gender equality!

(L. Frankel, 2018)

Men getting abused is no laughing matter. It’s not okay. Feminists don’t physically assault men.


As we obsess over our newest iPhone or technological advancements, there are basic advancements to be made for women

No responsibility. No consequences. No problem. (If you’re a dude.)

Has anyone else been seeing those commercials with the deformed looking vegetables too? Do you really think kids can’t figure that one out? Everyone knows Viagra exists. I don’t need to think about your flaccid member when I’m watching anything. You can’t even handle me talking about cramps!

Women’s invisible labor leaves them feeling empty, study finds:

I’ve seen this too often. It’s a major reason why I wasn’t interested in being a mom. I don’t know how moms do it!