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Margaret Mee (1909-1988) was an English botani…

(1909-1988) was an English botanical artist.
She specialised in plants from the Amazon rainforest, and was one of the first
environmentalists to warn about the dangers of destroying this ecosystem.

She studied art in London and obtained her diploma
in 1950, moving to Brazil soon after. It was there she became an artist for the
Botanical Institute in Sao Paulo, and created more than 400 folios of plant
illustrations, many of which were newly discovered. A trust in her name was set
up for education and research on the Amazonian rainforest.

Mary Robinson (b. 1944) was the president of I…

(b. 1944) was the president of Ireland
between 1990 and 1997. She was the first woman to hold this position, and is
regarded as an important figure in the liberalisation of the country.

She resigned from the presidency in order to
become UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and was active in numerous other
organisations such as the European Climate Foundation or the World Justice
Project. She later became the first female Chancellor of the University of

Doris Fleeson (1901-1970, pictured with Eleano…

(1901-1970, pictured with Eleanor
Roosevelt) was an American journalist. She was the first woman to have a
nationally syndicated political column in the United States.

She studied economics at the University of
Kansas, after which she started working for the Pittsburg Sun. She was a war correspondent during World War II,
reporting from France and Italy. By 1960, her political column ran in around
100 newspapers.

Jodi Picoult (b. 1966) is a prolific novelist,…

(b. 1966) is a prolific novelist, with a writing career spanning almost
three decades. Her novels have been translated into 34 languages and 14 million
copies have been published worldwide.

She studied at Princeton and Harvard, after which she started writing for
DC Comics, particularly the Wonder Woman series.
She has written almost 30 novels and has won numerous prizes, such as Waterstone’s
Author of the Year or the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Romance Writers
of America.

Gertrude Käsebier (1852-1934) was a photograph…

(1852-1934) was a photographer, active in the 19th and 20th
centuries. She is best known for her images of Native Americans and portraits
of motherhood.

She was a homemaker until the age of 37, when she started attending the
Pratt Institute of Art and Design, and later went to study the chemistry of
photography in Germany. Her first exhibition was at the Boston Camera Club in
1895. She cultivated a close friendship with the Sioux and photographed many
Native Americans in her studio. In 1910, she founded the Women’s Professional
Photographers Association of America.

Mary Kenner (1912-2006) was an African-America…

(1912-2006) was an African-American
inventor. She developed the sanitary belt, an early menstrual product that was
patented only thirty years later due to racial discrimination.

Along with her sister Mildred, she invented and
obtained patents for five household and personal care items. However, she
obtained the patents much later than the invention, simply because the company
that was interested in her creations rejected them when they discovered her

Yvonne Craig (1937-2015) was a dancer and actr…

(1937-2015) was a dancer and actress, best
known for portraying Batgirl in the 1960s TV show Batman. She has been called ‘a pioneer of female superheroes’.

Her acting career began in 1957 and lasted
for more than three decades. She starred as Batgirl in 1967-68, and reprised
her role a few years later for a PSA demanding equal pay for women.

Williamina Fleming (1857-1911) was a Scottish …

(1857-1911) was a Scottish astronomer. She
catalogued thousand of stars and other phenomena throughout her career, and
discovered the Horsehead Nebula in 1888.

She started out as the maid of Edward Charles
Pickering, the director of the Harvard College Observatory; soon, he recognised
her talent and intelligence, and hired her to do administrative work. She
eventually founded and coordinated the Harvard Computers, an all-female group
of human computers working for the observatory. She discovered the first white
dwarf star, over 300 variable stars and 10 novae, among others.

Valborg Olander (1861-1943) was a Swedish teac…

(1861-1943) was a Swedish teacher and
politician. She was also a strong proponent of women’s suffrage in her country.

She worked as a teacher in several Swedish
cities and also served as the chairperson of the Falun branch of the National
Association for Women’s Suffrage. She was a board member of the public
libraries in the same city, and in 1910 was elected as one of its first female
councillors. She is also known for her close friendship with the writer Selma

Antonia Ferrín Moreiras (1914-2009) was a Span…

Ferrín Moreiras
 (1914-2009) was a Spanish mathematician and astronomer. She was the first female
astronomer from her native region of Galicia.

She studied Physics and Chemistry in Santiago de
Compostela, and later started working in the Astronomical Observatory in the
city. She obtained her doctorate in Madrid in 1963, when she became the first
woman in Spain to defend a thesis in the field of astronomy.