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I’m sure anyone familiar with a female North Korean refugee story would know of this but I’m also sure many people haven’t read those stories and this kind of thing needs to be known and openly condemned. The more people who know, possibly the more people who can help.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signs ‘Heartbeat Bill’

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signs ‘Heartbeat Bill’:

Another old white man that won’t care about your fetus once it’s born unless it’s a rich white male or a rich white female willing to bring more rich white males into the world.

You can’t be more anti-woman. You can&rs…

You can’t be more anti-woman. You can’t make it more clear that you give all the shits that a person be born and alive… until you realize it’s a she. For Women to have the power to decide whether they want to bring another male into the world is so terrifying to them, they’d rather kill us. This is completely war.

Vesna Pusić (b. 1953) is a politician and soci…

Vesna Pusić (b. 1953) is a politician
and sociologist from Croatia. She has previously served as First Deputy Prime
Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs in the country.

She has served five consecutive terms in the
Croatian Parliament, from 2000 onwards. She is a dedicated activist for civil
rights, especially LGBT rights, and serves as the President of the Civic
Committee for Human Rights and chairman of the Anti-Fascist League of the
Republic of Croatia.

India Rules Sex With a Child Bride Is Always R…

India Rules Sex With a Child Bride Is Always Rape in a Massive Win for Girls’ Rights:

We hear so much bad news from India and women’s rights. It’s so wonderful to hear good news in the advancement of women’s rights!

Mona Seif (b. 1986, pictured with her mother L…

Mona Seif (b. 1986, pictured with her mother Laila, also an activist) is a human rights
activist from Egypt. She is most famous for her involvement in the 2011
Egyptian Revolution and her creative use of social media in support of the

She attended numerous
protests against the Mubarak regime and encouraged participation through social
media. After the downfall of the regime, she founded a group that aims to stop
military trials for civilians in the country. She also studied biology and
researched the BRCA1 breast cancer gene.

Aslı Erdoğan (b. 1967) is a Turkish author, jo…

Aslı Erdoğan (b. 1967) is a
Turkish author, journalist and human rights activist. She was the recipient of
the Simone de Beauvoir Prize in 2018.

She studied physics and computer engineering and
worked for a period of time as a particle physicist for the European Organization
for Nuclear Research. Her novels were translated in several languages and won
international prizes. In 2016 she was arrested for being a contributor to the
newspaper Özgür Gündem (New Agenda).

Karinna Moskalenko (b. 1954) is the leading hu…

(b. 1954)
is the leading human rights lawyer in Russia. She and her team have won 27
cases against the Russian government at the European Court of Human Rights,
including the very first one that the Court heard against the Russian

She is a member of the
human rights organisation Moscow Helsinki Group, as well as the Media Legal
Defence Initiative, which provides legal aid to journalists and media
organizations worldwide. In 2008 she was the victim of an attempted mercury



feminismwecandoit: Feminism is about equality,…


Feminism is about equality, not superiority

Feminism = the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes.