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Funny how women generally don’t whip out their genitalia but it’s perfectly ok for men to do this? It’s a natural everyday thing in civilization? No hon, you’re uncivilized and you clearly need to be trained on how to be human.

Take something small from a man, any man, and see how quickly they get upset. Yet, we’re supposed to be just fine with oppression. Just leave our rights alone! 

Men also live longer healthier lives if they’re married while the opposite happens for women. It’s actually better for women to keep away from you. (Clearly this is about straight men.)

Classic mansplainer, bro.

Mental illness is not an excuse to manipulate and abuse. Please remember this with yourself as well as others that you love. You don’t deserve that treatment and neither do others. 

Men, we aren’t made for you! 


Spongebob is educated

THIS THIS THIS I just love it. It’s so true. The same as “Defiling” a woman or girl when it’s your own hands so who is really the “dirty” one? Ugh, chauvinists.

Just some funny spooky humor for you