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Angela Bowen (1936-2018) was a dancer and teacher, as well
as a prominent LGBT activist. She served on the board of the National Coalition
of Black Lesbians and Gays.

She started dancing at
the age of 14 and later co-founded the Bowen/Peters School of Dance in New
Haven, Connecticut. She came out as lesbian late in life, but always spoke out
against homophobia, racism and sexism. She is the subject of the 2016 documentary The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen.

Lili Elbe (1882-1931) was a transgender woman from Denmark,
one of the earliest recipients of sex reassignment surgery. She was the
subject of the famous 2015 film The Danish Girl.

She was a painter who
had studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine arts in Copenhagen. She travelled
around Europe with her wife, and became her favourite model for paintings.
After the 1930 surgery, which was still in its infancy, led to her eventual
death from cardiac arrest.

Above: Portrait by her spouse, Gerda Weneger, 1928

C. Anderson
was the founder and editor of The Little Review, an art and literary
magazine published between 1914 and 1929. The magazine was instrumental in
introducing numerous prominent writers of the 20th century, such as
Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot or James Joyce.

founding The Little Review, she was a pianist and a book critic. The
magazine published the serialised version of Ulysses, one of the most
important novels of the century. Along with her co-editor and lover, Jane Heap,
she was accused of obscenity for publishing sexually explicit poetry, and
issues of the magazine were confiscated and burned.

was a baseball player in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.
In 1943 she set an all-time league record for the fewest strikeouts in a

She had a
successful baseball career and was known as the best contact hitter in the
league. Despite this, she was removed from her team for being an out lesbian.

Jan Morris (b.
1926) is a Welsh author and historian. She is best known for her Pax Britannica
trilogy, a comprehensive history of the British Empire.

Assigned male at birth, she underwent surgery in
1972 and published the autobiography Conundrum two years later, one of
the first books to discuss the personal experience of a trans person. She
received the Golden PEN Award for a “Lifetime’s Distinguished Service to
Literature” in 2005.

Cherríe Moraga (b. 1952) is a feminist activist and author. She is the founder of
La Red Xicana, an activist group fighting for indigenous rights, culture and

Born in Los Angeles, she obtained a master’s in
Feminist Writings from San Francisco State University. She is one of the first
writers to introduce theories on Chicana lesbianism. In 1983, she founded
Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press, alongside Audre Lorde and Barbara Smith;
this was the first publisher in the United States dedicated to writings by
women of colour.

Anne Whitney (1821-1915) was a prominent American sculptor. Her works often featured
important historical figures, or depicted her liberal views on abolition or
women’s rights, among others.

Among the subjects of her sculptures were
Harriet Martineau, Lucy Stone and Harriet Beecher Stowe. Her works can now be
admired in places such as the United States Capitol, at Harvard, or around

Left: Anne Whitney with her partner, Abby
Adeline Manning

Right: Lady Godiva, 1864, Dallas
Museum of Art

Bi-Positive: Three TV Shows Doing it Right:

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Diana Nyad (b.
1949) is a long-distance swimmer, author and journalist. Among her feats are
swimming around Manhattan in 1975, and being the first person to swim from Cuba
to Florida without a shark cage. She was 64 when she achieved this in 2013.

In 1970, during her first ever race, she
set a world record in women’s marathon swimming. She then broke many others,
such as the record for non-stop swimming without a wetsuit in 1979. In 2013,
she swam continuously for 48 hours, a charitable effort which raised more than $105,000
for victims of Hurricane Sandy.