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Sana Iqbal (1987-2017) was a cross-country biker from
India. After surviving a suicidal episode, she dedicated her life to suicide
prevention and mental health.

Her famous cross-country
trip through India was completed over 6.5 months and 38000 km. On the way, she
gave 135 seminars and workshops under the awareness campaign “Suicide is not
the solution”. She died tragically in a car accident at the age of 30.

Margaret Morgan Lawrence (b. 1914) is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst whose research focuses
on children and their mental health. She was the chief of the Developmental Psychiatry
Service for Infants and Children at Harlem Hospital for more than two decades.

She studied at Cornell University, where she was
the only African American students and was refused a place in the
race-segregated dormitory. She was then rejected from Cornell Medical School because
of her race, and went on to study at Columbia College. In 1948 she joined the
New York State Psychiatric Institute, the first African American to do so. She later
co-founded the Rockland County Center for Mental Health and the Harlem Family

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As always – credit to Hattie Gladwell

Mollie Lowery (1945-2016) was an advocate for homeless and mentally ill people in Los Angeles. She was the founder of the advocacy group Housing Works, with the aim of helping homeless people find longterm accommodation.

She dedicated her entire life to this cause, first founding a shelter for battered women and their children in Santa Monica. In 1984 she founded the Los Angeles Men’s Place (LAMP), a nonprofit organisation that seeks to erradicate homelessness and help with mental health issues.


Credit: Hattie Gladwell

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Why Angry Men Kill—and How to Stop Them Before They Do:

We really need to think about what we can do to help men before they get to this stage. How can we raise boys to be allowed to express emotions and let it out with words or other healthy ways before they end up killing? Also, why is it 99% men even if they are angry and aren’t allowed to express themselves? There are women out there in the same boat. We need research, law enforcers/social workers/teachers/peers who pay attention, and some way of prevention because this has been going on for too long and is happening far too often.