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Katherine Johnson, Nasa mathematician portrayed in Hidden Figures, dies at 101: undefined

(b. 1956)
is a former NASA astronaut. She was the first female pilot and commander of a Space

She was an
instructor pilot and assistant professor in mathematics at the US Air Force
Academy when she was selected to be an astronaut. Her first space flight took
place in 1995, and two years later she became the first female Shuttle Pilot,
an achievement for which she received a Harmon Trophy.

Anna Lee Fisher (b. 1949) is a former NASA astronaut, chemist and physician. She was
involved in several important programmes, including the International Space
Station and the Space Shuttle.

She studied chemisty and medicine at UCLA,
specialising in emergency medicine. She started training to be an astronaut in
1978 and had her first flight in 1984, on the Space Shuttle Discovery. Her
awards include the NASA Space Flight Medal and the UCLA Professional
Achievement Award.

Constance Adams (1964-2018) was an architect who worked extensively in space programmes.
She contributed to the design of the cabin for the International Space Station,
and was considered a foremost expert in spaceport planning.

She studied sociology at Harvard, followed
by architecture at Yale. Since the late 1990s, she worked for Lockheed Martin
Space Operations at NASA. In 2005, she was named an Emerging Explorer by National

(b. 1964) is an astrophysics professor and astronomer.
She is an expert in x-ray astronomy and has worked for NASA’s Goddard Space
Flight Center.

She obtained her PhD in astronomy in 1993
from the University of Maryland. After that, she was a research scientist at
Penn State and John Hopkins University. Her honours include the Presidential
Early Career Award and the NASA Peer Award.

 (b. 1976)
is a NASA astronaut and engineer. She was a flight engineer on the
International Space Station for Expedition 56/57.

She started her
career at NASA as a flight surgeon, supporting medical operations for ISS
astronauts. She also has experience as an aquanaut. Her work and research have
been recognized with honours such as the William K. Douglas Award and the US
Air Force Flight Surgeons Julian Ward Award.

Rodón Naveira
(b. 1963) is an environmental
scientist from Puerto Rico. She was the first Hispanic woman to serve as branch
chief for the National Exposure Research Laboratory, as well as deputy director
of its Environmental Sciences Division.

She has worked for NASA since 2000, becoming an
Earth Science Remote Sensing Scientist at the Dryden Flight Research Center.
She is currently the Senior Safety Technical Manager for the Office of Safety
and Mission Assurance at the DFRC.

Aprille Ericsson-Jackson (b. 1963) is an aerospace engineer working for
the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. She was the first African-American woman
to obtain a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Howard University, as well as a
PhD in Engineering from NASA GSFC.

She was an undergraduate in aeronautical engineering
at MIT, where she worked in the Applied Physics Laboratory. Her work at NASA helps
to manage spacecraft orientation during missions.

Bonnie Dunbar (b. 1949) is a retired
NASA astronaut and a current professor of aerospace engineering at Texas A&M University. She is also the
Director of the Institute for Engineering Education and Innovation.

She became an astronaut in 1981 and logged
more than 1200 hours in space. She later served as the president and CEO of the
Museum of Flight, and was the head of the STEM Center at the University of Houston.

Margaret Rhea Seddon (b.
1947) is a former NASA astronaut and physician. She flew as mission specialist, and
later payload commander, on three Space Shuttle flights.

She has a
Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Tennessee. Her NASA career began
in 1979, where she worked in a variety of fields, from organising medical
experiments to technical assistance. After retiring from NASA, she became the
assistant Chief Medical Officer of the Vanderbilt Medical Group.