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THIS THIS THIS I just love it. It’s so true. The same as “Defiling” a woman or girl when it’s your own hands so who is really the “dirty” one? Ugh, chauvinists.

So now that it’s a good thing for males, we all agree, right?


I’m sure anyone familiar with a female North Korean refugee story would know of this but I’m also sure many people haven’t read those stories and this kind of thing needs to be known and openly condemned. The more people who know, possibly the more people who can help.


As we obsess over our newest iPhone or technological advancements, there are basic advancements to be made for women


11 Ordinary Things Women Weren’t Allowed To Do In The ’50s And ’60s:

It wasn’t that long ago. Let’s never go back.

China Refuses to Admit It Has a Rape Problem. I Would Know.

What If We Just Believed Women?:

If you go to the link and see the URL of this article it says “politics.” No, Marie Claire, this is not political whatsoever. Why are women being treated like human beings STILL considered politics?!?!

Man Mansplains Indiana Jones Costume History To Costume Deisgner