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Fatima Lodhi (b. 1989) is a social activist from Pakistan. She is the figure
behind “Dark is Divine”, the first anti-colorism campaign in the country.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in International
Relations. She has emerged as a campaigner and activist for causes such as
HIV/AIDS prevention, violence against women, and the rights of acid burns
victims. She regularly conducts sessions on diversity and self-acceptance.

Ruth Pfau (1929-2017) was a
German nun and physician. She dedicated her life and career to fighting leprosy
in Pakistan.

She studied Medicine at the University of Mainz and later joined a Catholic
order. She travelled to Pakistan and spent most of her life there, helping
people affected by leprosy all across the country. Due to her efforts, Pakistan
became one of the first countries in Asia to keep the disease under control –
dropping from almost 20,000 thousand cases to just over 500 in 2016.

Nazia Hassan’s 53rd Birthday:

This past Monday would also have been Nazia Hassan’s 53rd birthday. Pakistanis were able to see a Google Doodle of one of their favorite singers.

Hassan was not only a talented singer, but also a devoted scholar and humanitarian. Using her law degree, she worked at the U.N. as well as for UNICEF. She was passionate about the rights of young people, and often took the time to visit impoverished schools in Pakistan. Her life was tragically cut short by lung cancer at the age of 35.”

Ra’ana Liaqat Ali Khan (1905-1990) was a key figure
in the Pakistan Movement during the 1940s, when the country was forming. She
was named the “Mother of Pakistan” for her influence.

She worked to create political awareness among Muslim
women, and initiated a number of reforms in support of women and children’s
rights. She especially tried to create opportunities, such as medical training,
for women to take up professions beyond the domestic life that was expected of
them. She founded the Pakistan Women National Guards and the Women Naval Reserves.