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Buy Celebrating Amazing Women a Coffee.

My dear friends and followers,

A member of the CAW community has very kindly gifted me a subscription to Ko-fi Gold! I will not name them, but I thank them once again from the bottom of my heart. There are a number of perks, such as being able to set up a recurrent donation, Patreon-style. Once again, my content is and always will be free, but in case you are feeling generous and want to fuel me with caffeine – here you go!

I am also taking commissions for written articles. I am already collaborating with a number of feminist magazines and websites, but I am always looking for more! If you’d like a guest feature from me on your blog/website/publication, please get in touch via Ko-fi or directly here.

Thank you for being with me in the 4th year of Celebrating Amazing Women. Your support means a lot.

Buy Celebrating Amazing Women a Coffee.

A wonderful day to all my old and new followers! I am writing to bring you an update and apologise for the fact that lately my posts might have been a bit disordered and posted too late. The reason for that is that for a while I have been working every single day, Monday to Sunday, in three different places, sometimes for 12 hours at a time. And the reason for that is that I am saving as much money as I can for an amazing opportunity that has come my way.

This October I will be starting a Translation Traineeship with the European Commission in Luxembourg. It is honestly a dream come true, translation being my dream career and what I worked towards all these years. I am extremely excited, but scared of being thrown into the unknown, and most of all kind of worried about my situation there. I will receive a grant for my five months there, but Luxembourg is the most expensive country in the European Union. A quick search revealed that the grant I will be getting will barely be enough to cover rent and utilities, and for the rest, such as groceries and transport, I will have to rely on savings.

Under these circumstances, I decided to share my Ko-Fi page once again. Please forgive my bluntness in the matter; my content is and will always be free and accessible to everyone. Simply, any small donation would be much appreciated, and would go towards funding this incredible opportunity. Thank you very much for sticking with me for more than three years now, and I promise to continue telling you about the fierce and powerful women that need their voices heard.

I’m really sorry for missing a few days, everyone. I was busy.

CAW will resume normal schedule presently. 🙂