Category: playwright

Sophie Treadwell (1885-1970) was an American playwright and journalist of Mexican
heritage. Her most famous work, the 1928 play Machinal, is often
included in anthologies as an example of an expressionist or modernist play.

She was a dedicated feminist and
suffragist, also advocating for sexual liberation and birth control rights. Her
writing career spanned more than six decades, and seven of her plays were staged
on Broadway.

Eve Ensler (b. 1953) is performer and
playwright, best known for her 1996 play The
Vagina Monologues
, considered one of the most important examples of
political theatre of our times. She is also a devoted activist in a range of
feminist causes.

She is the founder of
V-Day, a global movement aimed at ending violence towards women and girls. Each
year, productions of The Vagina
raise awareness and funds for this purpose. The money raised
helped to open shelters and create thousands of anti-violence programmes not
only in the US, but throughout Africa and the Middle East.

(1713-1762) was a German poet, playwright, and
translator, considered one of the founders of theatrical comedy in her home
country. She was a leading intellectual not only in Germany, but across Europe,
famed for her intelligence and exceptional education.

Her work as a translator helped to bring more than fifty volumes from
French and English to a German audience, on topics ranging from poetry and
history to philosophy and even physics. Among her more famous works are the
1745 comedies Das Testament and Der Witzling.