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Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca (b. 1958) is the cu…

Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca (b. 1958) is the
current president of Malta, the youngest person and the second woman to hold
this position. She has been in office since 2014.

She has a degree in Legal and Humanistic Studies
and a public notary diploma. In 2014, after taking over the presidency of the
country, she established The President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of
Society, a non-profit organisation aimed at promoting social inclusion and
higher living standards.

Caroline Kennedy (b. 1957) is the daughter of …

Caroline Kennedy (b. 1957)
is the daughter of John and Jacqueline Kennedy. She is an attorney and diplomat
who served as the US Ambassador to Japan and dedicated her career to law and

She studied at
Harvard and later earned a Juris Doctor from Columbia Law School. She has
written two books on civil liberties and supported Democratic candidates for
the US presidency, endorsing causes such as same-sex marriage and abortion

Freedom of speech and the right to demonstrate…

Freedom of speech and the right to demonstrate are fundamental rights. Throughout the Netherlands the safety of activists could not be guaranteed and they were restricted in their freedom of speech. Some protestors were physically attacked and the police let their assailants go. Other protestors were bombarded with fireworks, apples, eggs and beer as the police stood by and watched. 

The Dutch House Representatives refuses to collectively acknowledge the racism of the counterprotestors, denounce their actions and actively make sure activists can safely practise their freedom of speech and right to demonstrate. Please sign this petition if you believe that they should!

Isabel Rosado (1907-2015) was an educator and …

Isabel Rosado (1907-2015)
was an educator and activist from Puerto Rico. She was a member of the
Nationalist Party and a key figure of the independence movement in the country.

She joined the
cause motivated by the Ponce massacre in 1937, when 19 civilians were killed
and more than 200 wounded during a peaceful march. She was fired from her job
as a school social worker and imprisoned for 11 years because of her political
activities in support of Puerto Rican independence.

Carol Kidu (b. 1948) is a politician from Papu…

Carol Kidu (b. 1948) is a politician from Papua New Guinea.
She was the only female Member of Parliament for two mandates, between 2002 and

She held
the position of Leader of the Opposition, the first woman to do so. Among her
recognitions and awards were the Order of the British Empire, the French Légion
d’honneur (the first citizen of Papua New Guinea to receive this honour) and
the PNG International Woman of Courage Award.

Naziha al-Dulaimi (1923-2007) was a pioneering…

Naziha al-Dulaimi (1923-2007) was a pioneering Iraqi feminist. She was
the first female minister in the modern history of Iraq, and the first female
cabinet minister in the Arab world.

She studied
at the Royal College of Medicine in Baghdad as one of very few female students.
She founded the Iraqi Women’s League and became its first president in 1952,
fighting not only for the rights of women in the country, but for national
liberation and world peace.

Victoria Kalima (1972-2018) was a politician f…

(1972-2018) was a politician from the African nation of Zambia. She
served on the National Assembly for Kasenengwa, as well as in the role of
Minister of Gender.

Throughout her political career, she was concerned with issues of human rights
and gender equality in particular. She also worked to outlaw child marriages in

Medea Benjamin (b. 1952) is a politician and a…

(b. 1952) is a politician and activist, seen as one of the leaders of the
peace movement in the United States. She is the co-founder of the international
NGO Code Pink: Women for Peace.

In 1988, she founded Global Exchange, an organisation which advocates
fair trade instead of corporate globalization. As a member of the Green Party,
she ran for US Senate in California, and obtained the highest vote total of any
candidate from the party in the country’s history.

Rosalynn Carter (b. 1927) served as the First …

(b. 1927) served as the First Lady of the United States from 1977 to 1981.
She was active in the Carter administration as the President’s closest advisor,
and advocated a number of causes.

She became the First Lady of the state of
Georgia in 1970, and worked to provide better mental health facilities. She
also served as an envoy to Latin America, and led a delegation which investigated
the situation of refugees in Southeast Asia.

Carol Moseley Braun (b. 1947) represented Illi…

Moseley Braun
(b. 1947) represented Illinois in the United States Senate from 1993 to
1999. She became the first female senator from her state, as well as the first
African-American female senator.

She studied at the University of Chicago
Law School, and later won the Attorney General’s Special Achievement Award for
her work in housing and environmental law. She was one of only two African
Americans to serve in the US Senate in the 20th century. She helped
change the law that women were not allowed to wear pants on the Senate floor by
openly defying it.