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Mary Robinson (b. 1944) was the president of I…

(b. 1944) was the president of Ireland
between 1990 and 1997. She was the first woman to hold this position, and is
regarded as an important figure in the liberalisation of the country.

She resigned from the presidency in order to
become UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and was active in numerous other
organisations such as the European Climate Foundation or the World Justice
Project. She later became the first female Chancellor of the University of

Doris Fleeson (1901-1970, pictured with Eleano…

(1901-1970, pictured with Eleanor
Roosevelt) was an American journalist. She was the first woman to have a
nationally syndicated political column in the United States.

She studied economics at the University of
Kansas, after which she started working for the Pittsburg Sun. She was a war correspondent during World War II,
reporting from France and Italy. By 1960, her political column ran in around
100 newspapers.

Valborg Olander (1861-1943) was a Swedish teac…

(1861-1943) was a Swedish teacher and
politician. She was also a strong proponent of women’s suffrage in her country.

She worked as a teacher in several Swedish
cities and also served as the chairperson of the Falun branch of the National
Association for Women’s Suffrage. She was a board member of the public
libraries in the same city, and in 1910 was elected as one of its first female
councillors. She is also known for her close friendship with the writer Selma

Debbie Stabenow (b. 1950) is a US senator for …

Debbie Stabenow (b. 1950) is a US senator for the state of
Michigan, a member of the Democratic Party. She became the first female senator
in the state when she was first elected in 2000.

She is seen
as one of the most liberal senators, advocating for causes such as immigrant
rights, gun regulation and the legalisation of cannabis. In 2016, she managed
to secure $100 million for repairing Flint’s water lines. Throughout her years
in office, she helped open ten community health centres in Detroit.

Bertha Isaacs (1900-1997) was a tennis player,…

(1900-1997) was a tennis player, teacher, and
women’s rights activist from the Bahamas. She was the second Bahamian woman elected
as Senator in her country, and the first to be awarded the title of Dame Commander
of the Order of the British Empire.

She was a founding member of the
Progressive Liberal Party and a strong supporter of women’s suffrage. Bahamian
women were allowed to vote in 1962, and she became Senator in 1969.

Betty Ford (1918-2011) served as the First Lad…

(1918-2011) served as the First Lady and the Second
Lady of the United States during the 1970s. She was a dedicated advocate for a
number of progressive causes, particularly regarding the rights of women and
minorities, setting the precedent for a politically active First Lady.

She was an important figure in the Women’s
Movement, supporting the Equal Rights Amendment and candidly offering her
feminist, pro-choice views. In 1982, she established a recovery center for drug
and alcohol dependency.

Vesna Pusić (b. 1953) is a politician and soci…

Vesna Pusić (b. 1953) is a politician
and sociologist from Croatia. She has previously served as First Deputy Prime
Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs in the country.

She has served five consecutive terms in the
Croatian Parliament, from 2000 onwards. She is a dedicated activist for civil
rights, especially LGBT rights, and serves as the President of the Civic
Committee for Human Rights and chairman of the Anti-Fascist League of the
Republic of Croatia.

Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919) is an important fig…

is an important figure in the fields of economics and revolutionary socialism.
She was active in left-wing politics and pacifist activism in Germany.

She became a Doctor of Law after attending
the University of Zurich. She was imprisoned for organising anti-war protests
and strikes, and writing articles and books in support of socialist causes. She
was eventually captured and executed in Berlin during the German Revolution.

Helen Clark (b. 1950) was the Prime Minister o…

Helen Clark (b. 1950) was the Prime Minister
of New Zealand between 1999 and 2008. She was the second woman to hold that
office and one of the longest-serving Prime Ministers of the country.

She became a Member of
Parliament in 1981 as one of eight female MPs. As Prime Minister, she focused
on turning New Zealand into the world’s first ecologically sustainable nation
and on achieving economic growth and gender equality. Later, in 2009, she
became the first female Administrator of the United Nations Development

Federica Montseny (1905-1994) was one of the f…

was one of the first female ministers in Europe, as the Minister of Health and
Social Policy in her native country of Spain. She was also an important
anarchist activist.

During her time as Minister of Health, she transformed
public health to focus on the working class and those without financial
possibilities. She implemented locally available, preventative health
programmes, and raised awareness of reproductive rights. She was part of an
anarchist trade union and wrote for journals such as Solidaridad Obrera or Tierra
y Libertad.