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Loretta Tofani (b. 1953) is a journalist who, in 1983, won the Pulitzer Prize for
Investigative Reporting. She received this honour for her series of articles
investigating gang rapes in a Maryland jail.

got a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California,
Berkeley, and went on to work for The Washington Post, where she wrote
her award-winning articles. The investigation led to a change in the prison’s
policy in order to prevent rape among prisoners. In 2007, she uncovered the plight
of millions of Chinese workers making products destined for the United States.

Zona Gale (1874-1938)
was an American novelist and playwright. She was the first woman to win the
Pulitzer Prize for Drama, which she achieved in 1921 for Miss Lulu Bett.

She published her first novel in 1906, and
eleven more followed throughout her career. In addition to writing, she also
supported progressive causes, and lobbied for equal rights in her state of Wisconsin.

Ada Louise Huxtable (1921-2013) was the
recipient of the first ever Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, awarded to her in
1970. She was an architecture critic who had a significant contribution in
bringing the art into the public dialogue.

She worked for the MoMA as Curatorial Assistant
for Architecture and Design, and was later the first architecture critic at The New York Times. She wrote numerous
books in the field and was one of the main driving forces behind the New York
City Landmarks Preservation Commission, founded in 1965.

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