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Why the “Yes’ vote won so decisively in Irelan…

Why the “Yes’ vote won so decisively in Ireland’s abortion referendum:

So many women have died due to the government not keeping it’s word on the mother having just as much right to live as a fetus, Irish women just aren’t taking it anymore. Reading about the women dying of cancer particularly shook me.



35/50  This is horrible. Just one of the many laws that need to be passed in order to not only protect adults but children from predators within the police force. Why??? 



I don’t know how she lived with this mattress as her bed then in her living room, but I love what she chose to do with it and I hope the community didn’t end up telling her to get rid of it. Maybe it can be part of an art exhibition one day!

Btw, me too.

SBS Australia

SBS Australia:

I was just watching something today about a soccer coach and the way they were talking about him, you’d think he single handedly saved an entire nation. The hero worship of athletes is absolutely ridiculous. Just because you’re a man that plays well with balls (or a puck), doesn’t mean you should be able to do whatever you want to whomever you want. This is actually the main reason I’m not into most sports. I just can’t comfortably watch a bunch of rich rapists running around. It’s sick that this is a thing anywhere let alone THE ENTIRE WORLD. Your boy can play a game. A GAME. He’s never saved a life, never did anything for anyone but himself, but he’s the man you worship. WOMEN ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY GAME PERIOD. GROW UP BOYS!!!

Meet the Woman Helping France’s Sexual Violenc…

Meet the Woman Helping France’s Sexual Violence Victims:

As someone who has studied abroad in France and was hoping to return, this is a very scary statistic to mull over.









In this video, we asked British model and acti…

In this video, we asked British model and activist Munroe Bergdorf to stand alongside three other trans women — writer and activist Xoài Phạm, photographer and activist Jari Jones, and designer Yael Levine — to speak out about their experiences facing sexual assault and its aftermath, and how #MeToo has failed to center their voices. In the process, they share devastating insight into the extent to which trans women and femmes bear the brunt of sexual assault and harassment, from both men and society at large.

“I don’t feel like trans women are allowed to be sexually empowered without it being a thing,” Bergdorf tells us. “I feel like that’s a cis, privileged thing — that a woman can be sexual, she can be gorgeous, she can be attractive and that just be her. But for a trans woman to do that, it feeds into a whole narrative of us being fetishized.”