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Funny how women generally don’t whip out their genitalia but it’s perfectly ok for men to do this? It’s a natural everyday thing in civilization? No hon, you’re uncivilized and you clearly need to be trained on how to be human.

As we obsess over our newest iPhone or technological advancements, there are basic advancements to be made for women

India Rules Sex With a Child Bride Is Always Rape in a Massive Win for Girls’ Rights:

We hear so much bad news from India and women’s rights. It’s so wonderful to hear good news in the advancement of women’s rights!

Media silence as gang rape survivor from northern Iraq wins Nobel Peace Prize:

I’m very sad not to have heard about this at all. I didn’t see one headline. YOU ARE AMAZING NADIA MURAD!!! I hope you’re able to accomplish so much with that prize money and CRUSH THE PATRIARCHY!!!!!

Look at those scratch marks. LOOK AT THEM. This was no misunderstanding. This person could’ve spoke a different language or not have the ability to speak at all and their message was still 100% clear and he 100% care only for what he wanted. Stop saying this BS. Stop joking about rape. Stop dismissing victims.

Sex and drugs scandals are damaging K-pop’s squeaky clean image:

As a fan of Korean entertainment (particularly the show Jung Joon-Young is on), I am deeply disappointed and disturbed by the findings on his phone as well as the disgusting acts of Seungri. The truly disturbing thing is that this behavior is not limited to Kpop idols. Businessmen are getting away with this behavior everyday. I really hope this is a catalyst for the overdue equal rights women are due there. 
나는 너와 함께 한국 페미니스트들과 함께한다.

Man who tied up, sexually assaulted 14-year-old girl will serve no jail time:

14 years old… how about the rest of HER life? How fucked up is she going to be for rest of her 70+ years? (If she can mentally and physically make it to that?) She was tied up, 14 years old, and it’s still not bad enough to punish a man… why do we not tell people this happens to us? We see who was punished in this situation. But you know what? I SEE YOU LOGAN MICHAEL OSBORN I SEE YOU AND I’M SPREADING YOUR FACE ACROSS THE INTERNET SO WE ALL SEE YOU AND CROSS TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET. THIS IS YOUR FUTURE.

The woman whose dad went immediately on rape porn after talking to his middle school aged daughter has just haunted me since reading this. It’s so true. How many times have we heard on the news “He seemed like such a nice guy.” “I can’t believe it.” People know what’s right and wrong. That’s why they compartmentalize their lives. They know it’s bad so they hide it.

Why the “Yes’ vote won so decisively in Ireland’s abortion referendum:

So many women have died due to the government not keeping it’s word on the mother having just as much right to live as a fetus, Irish women just aren’t taking it anymore. Reading about the women dying of cancer particularly shook me.


35/50  This is horrible. Just one of the many laws that need to be passed in order to not only protect adults but children from predators within the police force. Why???