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Antonia Ferrín Moreiras (1914-2009) was a Span…

Ferrín Moreiras
 (1914-2009) was a Spanish mathematician and astronomer. She was the first female
astronomer from her native region of Galicia.

She studied Physics and Chemistry in Santiago de
Compostela, and later started working in the Astronomical Observatory in the
city. She obtained her doctorate in Madrid in 1963, when she became the first
woman in Spain to defend a thesis in the field of astronomy.

Leyla Mammadbeyova (1922-2006) was a notable A…

(1922-2006) was a notable Azerbaijani scientist. She
was the first female forensic medical expert and the first female chief
pathologist in her country.

She was the director of the
pathological laboratory at the Research Institute for Clinical and Experimental
Medicine in Baku, a position she held for four decades. She was also the first
female professor of pathology in Azerbaijan.

Maryam Mirzakhani (1977-2017) was a mathematic…

(1977-2017) was a mathematician and professor of mathematics at Stanford
University. She was the first woman and the first Iranian to receive the
prestigious Fields Medal for her work.

Her research focused on topics such as hyperbolic geometry and ergodic
theory. Following her premature death from breast cancer, the International
Council for Science decided to make her birthday the Day of International Women
in Mathematics.

Gloria Galeano Garcés (1958-2016) was a Colomb…

Galeano Garcés
(1958-2016) was a Colombian
agronomist and botanist, specialising in palm trees. She served as the
President of the Institute of Natural Sciences for three years.

She published more than 17 books and 68
scientific papers on the ecology of Colombian plants, and won the Fundación Alejandro Angel Escobar science
prize for her Field Guide to American Palms.
She discovered numerous new plants and wrote the taxonomic description of
58 species – a species of palm, Geonoma
, bears her name.

Ada Isabel Maddison (1869-1950) was an English…

Ada Isabel
(1869-1950) was an English mathematician.
Her work focused on differential equations.

She studied at Cambridge and obtained a first-class
degree result in her Mathematical Tripos Exam, but was not awarded a degree on
account of her gender. She later got a resident mathematics fellowship at Bryn
Mawr College, where she received her PhD in 1896. A few years later, she became
associate professor and assistant to the president of the College. She put
together a thorough list of university courses open to women in Canada and the
United Kingdom.

Janet Rowley (1925-2013) was a human geneticis…

(1925-2013) was a human geneticist. She was
the first to identify a chromosomal translocation as the cause of various
cancers, including leukemia.

She obtained her PhD in medicine from the
University of Chicago in 1948. She then worked in the university’s Department
of Hematology, where she made her lifesaving discoveries. Her research was rewarded
with the Lasker Award, the National Medal of Science and the Presidential Medal
of Freedom, among others.

Miriam Rodón Naveira (b. 1963) is an environme…

Rodón Naveira
(b. 1963) is an environmental
scientist from Puerto Rico. She was the first Hispanic woman to serve as branch
chief for the National Exposure Research Laboratory, as well as deputy director
of its Environmental Sciences Division.

She has worked for NASA since 2000, becoming an
Earth Science Remote Sensing Scientist at the Dryden Flight Research Center.
She is currently the Senior Safety Technical Manager for the Office of Safety
and Mission Assurance at the DFRC.

Aprille Ericsson-Jackson (b. 1963) is an aeros…

Aprille Ericsson-Jackson (b. 1963) is an aerospace engineer working for
the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. She was the first African-American woman
to obtain a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Howard University, as well as a
PhD in Engineering from NASA GSFC.

She was an undergraduate in aeronautical engineering
at MIT, where she worked in the Applied Physics Laboratory. Her work at NASA helps
to manage spacecraft orientation during missions.

Katsuko Saruhashi (1920-2007) was a Japanese b…

(1920-2007) was a Japanese biochemist. Her
research focused on the dangers of radioactive fallout and peaceful uses of
nuclear power.

She was the first woman to obtain a PhD in chemistry
from the University of Tokyo, as well as the first elected to the Science
Council of Japan. She was dedicated to improving the status of female scientists
in her country, and created the Saruhashi Prize, awarded to a woman scientist
every year since 1981.

Marilyn Strathern (b. 1941) is a British anthr…

1941) is a British anthropologist and professor at the University of Cambridge.
Her research focused on the Mount Hagen people of Papua New Guinea, as well as
on reproductive technologies in the UK.

She was an expert in feminist anthropology, and
published numerous works on gender norms and the status of women in the groups
she studied. She is a Fellow of the British Academy and has received several
honorary degrees from universities around the world.