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Caroline Hussey (1941-2017) was a microbiologi…

was a microbiologist and academic from Ireland. She was the first female Deputy
President and Registrar of University College Dublin.

She studied at University College and Trinity
College Dublin, earning a PhD in Microbiology. She became the chairwoman of the
National Council for Curriculum and Assessment in 1996, making her one of the
most influential persons in Irish education.

Ruth Patrick (1907-2013) was a scientist speci…

Ruth Patrick (1907-2013) was a scientist
specializing in freshwater ecology. Her most important research focused on
developing ways to measure the health of freshwater ecosystems.

She obtained her PhD from the University of
Virginia, and while there conducted revealing research on the geology of the
state. She was a volunteer curator of microscopy for the Academy of Natural
Science for eight years before she was paid for this work. Her research was
rewarded with numerous prizes, such as the National Medal of Science or the
Benjamin Franklin Medal for Distinguished Achievement in the Sciences.

Ghada Karmi (b. 1939) is a doctor and academic…

Ghada Karmi (b. 1939) is a
doctor and academic from Palestine. She is a lecturer at the Institute of Arab &
Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter, and frequently writes about
Palestinian issues in a number of British publications.

She studied
medicine at the University of Bristol, and specialised in the health and
conditions of ethnical minorities and migrants. She is also a fellow at the
Royal Institute of International Affairs and vice-chair of the Council for Arab-British

Nancy Davis Griffeth (b. 1945) is a computer s…

Davis Griffeth
(b. 1945) is a computer scientist
and academic. She is best known for her work on the feature interaction problem
and computational biology.

She studied at Harvard and Michigan State
University, ultimately receiving her PhD from the University of Chicago. In
1995 she received the Top 100 Women in
Award. She also directed workshops where undergraduate students
were taught to use computational biology methods in order to research projects
such as atrial fibrillation and pancreatic cancer.

Geneviève Thiroux (1720-1805) was an 18th-cent…

Geneviève Thiroux (1720-1805) was an 18th-century
chemist, novelist and translator from France. She was the author of an
important study on the chemical process of putrefaction.

She was
highly educated in both humanities and sciences, and published numerous French
translations of novels and scientific treaties alike. She published her Essay on the History of Putrefaction in
1766 as the result of over 300 experiments she conducted herself.

Janice Voss (1956-2012) was a NASA astronaut a…

Janice Voss (1956-2012) was a NASA astronaut and engineer. She
jointly held the record for most space flights by an American woman, with five
over seven years.

She flew as a
mission specialist on space shuttles Endeavour, Columbia and Discovery. She
worked for Orbital Sciences Corporation, as well as Science Director at NASA’s Kepler Space Observatory.

Joan W. Bennett (b. 1942) is a fungal genetici…

Joan W. Bennett
(b. 1942) is a fungal geneticist. She has been the President of the
American Society for Microbiology, as well as a professor at Tulane University
for 35 years.

She was the first tenure track woman in the Biology department of Tulane
University. She was a co-founder of the first women’s centre at Newcomb College,
and started teaching a course on the biology of women from 1975.

Beulah Bewley (1929-2018) was a Northern Irish…

Beulah Bewley
(1929-2018) was a Northern Irish physician. She served as the president
of the General Medical Council and the Medical Women’s Federation.

She graduated with a medical degree from Trinity College Dublin, and
later studied towards a Master’s degree at the London School of Hygiene and
Tropical Medicine, where she was the only woman in the class. She was made a
Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of her efforts
to promote equal opportunities for women in the medical field.

Eva Ahnert-Rohlfs (1912-1954) was a German ast…

(1912-1954) was a German astronomer who made significant contributions to
the study of variable stars.

She studied at the University of Gottingen,
and later became an assistant astronomer at the Sonneberg Observatory. She received
a doctorate in astrophysics in 1951.

Marie Tharp (1920-2006) was a geologist and oc…

Marie Tharp (1920-2006) was a
geologist and ocean cartographer. She created the first scientific map of the
Atlantic Ocean floor, leading to general acceptance of theories regarding tectonic
plates and continental drift.

She began working for the Lamont Geological
Laboratory at Columbia University in 1948. Although her theories about continental
drift were initially ridiculed and dismissed as “girl talk”, she identified the
Mid-Atlantic rift in 1952, proving her ideas. She is now regarded as one of the
greatest cartographers of the 20th century.