Category: sociology

Jane Addams (1860-1935) is seen as the founder of
social work and sociology in the United States. She co-founded the American
Civil Liberties Union, and in 1931 was the first American woman to win the
Nobel Peace Prize.

Her activism started in 1889, when she co-founded Hull
House, a settlement house aiming at bringing people of different social classes
together, in Chicago. The house provided services such as a public kitchen, a
social club, or educational opportunities for children. She served as the
president of the International Committee of Women for a Permanent Peace.

Marianne Weber (1870-1954) was a German sociologist and women’s rights activist.
She has published numerous books throughout her life, dealing with the role of
women in a patriarchal society, and the relation between genders.

She became interested in the women’s
movement during her studies in Freiburg, and co-founded a society for circulating
feminist thought in Heidelberg in 1896. She served as the chairwoman of the
League of German Women’s Associations. Her publications include Occupation
and Marriage, Wife and Mother in the Development of Law
, and Women, Men
and Human Nature.

(1880-1965) was a sociologist who served as
the US Secretary of Labor from 1933 to 1945. She was the first woman ever appointed
to the US Cabinet, and the one who served the longest in that position.

A sociologist by education, she was a devoted advocate of worker’s
rights, and throughout her time in the Cabinet she established several laws and
reforms that improved the conditions of working people. While she worked for
the New York state government, she managed to reduce working hours, and
implement better minimum wage and unemployment insurance. With the Social
Security Act of 1935, she also established benefits, pensions, and welfare for
the poorest Americans.