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(b. 1978) is a Korean astronaut and
biotechnologist. She is the first person from her country to fly in space.

She obtained her doctorate in biotech
systems in 2008, and went on to become an Engineering Physics Professor at
Everett Community College. Her pioneering space mission took place in the same
year; she conducted eighteen different science experiments on her flight. She
also worked for the Korean Aerospace Research Institute.

Sex and drugs scandals are damaging K-pop’s squeaky clean image:

As a fan of Korean entertainment (particularly the show Jung Joon-Young is on), I am deeply disappointed and disturbed by the findings on his phone as well as the disgusting acts of Seungri. The truly disturbing thing is that this behavior is not limited to Kpop idols. Businessmen are getting away with this behavior everyday. I really hope this is a catalyst for the overdue equal rights women are due there. 
나는 너와 함께 한국 페미니스트들과 함께한다.

Dr. Esther Park’s 142nd Birthday:

Finally, for our last Google Doodle of the day, Dr. Esther Park’s 142nd birthday would have been on March 16th, 2018. I found it odd that her birth name was not mentioned in this article (just FYI it was Kim Jeon-Dong.) I also love that the first woman doctor of Western medicine in Korea was a Korean woman and not a foreigner. 

“A century ago in Korea, it was considered improper for female patients to be examined by male doctors; as a result, women did not have access to proper medical care. That changed with the arrival of Dr. Esther Park, the first female doctor of Western medicine in Korea.”