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Cicely Saunders (1918-2005) was an English phy…

Cicely Saunders (1918-2005) was an English physician and social worker. She is
remembered for her important role in developing the hospice movement in the
United Kingdom.

She studied at Oxford, and later at the
Nightingale School of Nursing. In 1967, after years of research into palliative
care, she established the first purpose-built hospice in the world, St Christopher’s
Hospice, in London. She received numerous accolades for her work, including the
1981 Templeton Prize, the world’s highest-value annual prize.

Helen Glover (b. 1986) is a British rower, par…

(b. 1986) is
a British rower, part of the national team. She is considered the best female
rower in the world, having held that position since 2015.

She is a
triple World champion, triple European champion and quintuple World Cup
champion. In her first Olympic Games in 2012, she won the gold medal and set
the Olympic record in women’s coxless pairs, alongside her partner Heather

Margaret Damer Dawson (1873-1920) was one of t…

Margaret Damer Dawson (1873-1920) was one of the founders of the first British women’s
police service. She achieved this in 1914, alongside Nina Boyle.

The two women established the Women Police
Volunteers to better support female citizens suffering from sexual assault and
abuse. Dawson was also an anti-vivisectionist and received international
recognition for her animal rights work.

Ailsa Mckay (1963-2014) was a Scottish feminis…

(1963-2014) was a Scottish feminist economist.
She is remembered for her research on gender inequality and the welfare state,
as well as for being a proponent for the concept of basic income.

She was an economics professor at Glasgow
Caledonian University, and later became Vice Dean of the Glasgow School for
Business and Society. She was a leading authority on gender budget analysis, a
founding member of the European Gender Budget Network and the chairperson of
the European chapter of the International Association for Feminist Economics.

Ninette de Valois (1898-2001) was a dancer, ch…

de Valois
(1898-2001) was a dancer, choreographer
and director of classical ballet. She is known as the ‘godmother’ of English
and Irish ballet.

She started dancing from an early age, and
in 1927 established her own Academy of Choreographic Art in London. She went on
to establish the Royal Ballet, one of the most important companies of its kind
in the 20th century.

Beatrice de Cardi (1914-2016) was a British ar…

de Cardi
(1914-2016) was a British archaeologist, a
specialist in the area of the Persian Gulf and Pakistan. She was the world’s oldest
practicing archaeologist.

She studied at University College London
and later started working for the London Museum. She served as president of the
British Foundation for the Study of Arabia, and as Secretary for the Council
for British Archaeology.

Lola Young (b. 1951) is a British actress and …

(b. 1951) is a British actress and Crossbench
peer in the House of Lords. She is also an important figure in the arts and
culture community in the United Kingdom.

She first taught at the Polytechnic of West
London, and later became Professor of cultural studies at Middlesex University.
She was also Project director of the Archives and Museum of Black Heritage and
head of culture at the Greater London Authority. She was made an Officer of the
Order of the British Empire in 2001, for her services to British Black History.

Margaret Mee (1909-1988) was an English botani…

(1909-1988) was an English botanical artist.
She specialised in plants from the Amazon rainforest, and was one of the first
environmentalists to warn about the dangers of destroying this ecosystem.

She studied art in London and obtained her diploma
in 1950, moving to Brazil soon after. It was there she became an artist for the
Botanical Institute in Sao Paulo, and created more than 400 folios of plant
illustrations, many of which were newly discovered. A trust in her name was set
up for education and research on the Amazonian rainforest.

Williamina Fleming (1857-1911) was a Scottish …

(1857-1911) was a Scottish astronomer. She
catalogued thousand of stars and other phenomena throughout her career, and
discovered the Horsehead Nebula in 1888.

She started out as the maid of Edward Charles
Pickering, the director of the Harvard College Observatory; soon, he recognised
her talent and intelligence, and hired her to do administrative work. She
eventually founded and coordinated the Harvard Computers, an all-female group
of human computers working for the observatory. She discovered the first white
dwarf star, over 300 variable stars and 10 novae, among others.

Rosemary Cramp (b. 1929) is a British archaeol…

(b. 1929) is a British archaeologist and academic. She was the first
female professor appointed at Durham University, where she taught for almost four

After completing her studies at Oxford, she
became a lecturer at Durham University in 1955 and was appointed Professor of
Archaeology in 1971. She also served as the President of the Council for
British Archaeology, Vice-President of the Royal Archaeological Institute and
President of the Society of Antiquaries of London.