Category: Women in Biology

Eleanor Anne Ormerod (1828-1901) was an Englis…

Anne Ormerod
(1828-1901) was an English entomologist, considered a pioneer in the
field of studying insects. She was the first to define the field of
agricultural entomology.

She had an avid interest in insects from childhood, and contributed a
great number of insect specimens to the Royal Horicultural Society collections.
She was later appointed consulting entomologist for the Royal Agricultural
Society and lecturer at the Royal Agricultural College. In 1878 she became the
first female fellow of the Meteorological Society.

Ruth Gates (1962-2018) was a biologist whose r…

Ruth Gates (1962-2018) was a biologist whose research was
dedicated to reef coral systems. She was the Director of the Hawai’i Institute
of Marine Biology.

She studied
at Newcastle University, after which she was a postdoctoral researcher at the
University of California, Los Angeles. She studied coral reefs and their
ability to acclimatize under different conditions brought about by climate
change. She was the first female president of the International Society for Reef

Marian Dawkins (b. 1945) is a British biologis…

(b. 1945)
is a British biologist and academic. Her research focuses on a wide range of areas,
such as animal consciousness and welfare or behavioural synchrony.

She obtained her PhD from the University of
Oxford and became a lecturer in zoology, later Professor in Animal Behaviour.
Her research argues that animals should be treated as sentient beings and
should be raised in humane conditions, with regards to their needs. She was the
recipient of numerous awards and was made a Commander of the Order of the
British Empire.

Pardis Sabeti (b. 1975) is a biologist and gen…

Pardis Sabeti
(b. 1975) is a
biologist and geneticist from Iran. She has had a fruitful scientific career
which includes developing a bioinformatics statistical method and an algorithm
to identify the effect of genetics on the evolution of disease.

She studied at MIT,
Oxford and Harvard, and later became a postdoctoral fellow at the Broad
Institute. She won numerous awards for her research, such as the Packard
Foundation award in Science and Engineering or the American Ingenuity Award
from Smithsonian magazine.