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Betty Holberton (1917-2001) was one of the six…

was one of the six female programmers who worked on the ENIAC, the first
general-purpose electronic digital computer. She first worked as one of many women
‘computors’, hired during World War II because of the shortage of men.

She worked for the Moore
School of Engineering, and later for the National Bureau of Standards and the
Navy’s Applied Math Lab. Her awards include the Augusta Ada Lovelace Award and
the IEEE Computer Pioneer Award.

Kathryn S. McKinley (b. 1962) is a computer sc…

Kathryn S.
1962) is a computer scientist whose research focuses on runtime systems,
compilers and computer architecture. She worked for Microsoft as Principal
Researcher and is currently a Senior Research Scientist for Google.

She studied computer science and engineering
at Rice University, and later taught at other institutions such as the
University of Massachusetts Amherst and the University of Texas at Austin. She
has won numerous awards for her work from the Association for Computing Machinery,
such as the Distinguished Scientist and the Test of Time Award.