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Marilena de Souza Chaui (b. 1941) is a philoso…

Marilena de Souza Chaui (b. 1941) is a philosopher
and a founding member of the Workers’ Party in Brazil. She is also a Professor
of Modern Philosophy at the University of Sao Paulo.

She has served as the Municipal Secretary of Culture of Sao
Paulo, and is known for her severe criticism of capitalist models. Her book, What
is Ideology?,
is today a mandatory textbook in Brazilian public schools.

Else Barth (1928-2015) was a Norwegian philoso…

Else Barth (1928-2015)
was a Norwegian philosopher. She taught analytic philosophy at the University
of Groningen.

She was an important contributor to
feminist philosophy, empirical logic and the study of argumentation. Her publications
include Logic and Political Culture, Women Philosophers: A
Bibliography of Books
, and her most famous work, A Nazi Interior:
Quisling’s Hidden Philosophy.