Category: women in sports

Helen Stephens (1918-1994) was an athlete competing in several disciplines such as shot
put, discus throw and 100 m. She won two gold medals in the Berlin Olympic Games
in 1936.

won the 100 m event at the age of 18, beating the world champion and setting a
time lower than the world record; however, the new record was not registered
because of a strong tailwind. After retiring from athletics, she became the
first woman to own and manage a semi-professional basketball team.

Tam O’Shaughnessy (b. 1952) is a children’s science writer and former professional tennis
player. Along with her partner Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, she co-founded
the Sally Ride Science company, a non-profit for STEM education.

had a PhD in school psychology, and worked as a professor for a number of
higher education institutions in the United States. She retired early to focus
her efforts on Sally Ride Science and promote STEM education for young people,
particularly girls.

Paula Radcliffe (b. 1973) is a British long-distance runner.
She was once the fastest female marathoner of all time, and held the record for
sixteen years.

She has won the London
and New York marathons three times each, and the Chicago marathon once. She
holds 23 medals in international events, 15 of which are gold.

(b. 1946)
was an Olympic alpine ski racer. She was captain of the US team during the 1968
Winter Olympics and a three-time world freestyle skiing champion.

In addition
to her sporting career, she was also the first woman to serve on the board of
the US Olympic Committee. She advocated for equal opportunities for women in
school sports and co-founded the Native Voices Foundation, which aimed to train
Olympians from Native American backgrounds.

was a baseball player in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.
In 1943 she set an all-time league record for the fewest strikeouts in a

She had a
successful baseball career and was known as the best contact hitter in the
league. Despite this, she was removed from her team for being an out lesbian.

Georgia Frontiere
(1927-2008) was one
of the first female majority owners of an NFL franchise, when she inherited the
majority ownership of the Los Angeles Rams in 1979. She was in charge of the
team for three decades.

great negativity towards her on account of her gender, she dedicated herself to
running the team, which reached the Super Bowl three times and won the championship
once during her time in charge. She was also a dedicated philanthropist,
donating large sums of money for sports, arts and educational causes.

(b. 1994)
is a Paralympian from England. She set multiple world records and won numerous medals
in swimming events.

Her medal
record includes eight in Paralympic Games (five gold) and 12 in World
Championships (8 gold). She is a patron of the Dwarf Sports Association UK and
an ambassador for WaterAid.

(b. 1981) is an
accomplished swimmer, winning 21 medals in international championships over her
career. She is also a previous world record holder for the 200m breaststroke.

Her first
participation at the Olympic Games was in 1996, at 14, when she won a gold
medal and two silvers. Her medal record includes 7 won in Olympic Games.

Maria Mutola (b. 1972) is a former track and field athlete from Mozambique. She
is regarded as one of the best female athletes in the 800 m event, as well as
one of the longest-running, competing at the highest level for twenty years.

She won her first medal in the 1988 African
Championships, and later won many more in World Championships, Commonwealth Games
and Olympic Games (for a total of 21 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze).

(b. 1976)
is a former Romanian gymnast. She is considered one of the most successful gymnasts
of all time, and is one of the last ever to obtain a perfect score of 10 in an
Olympic competition.

She has won
medals in every single World Championship, European Championship or Olympic
Games in which she participated, for a total of 19. She is one of only three
female gymnasts to win at least one World or Olympic title in all four gymnastics