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(1931-2013) was
a Canadian politician and women’s rights advocate. She was also a commissioner
of the Canadion Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

She initially
worked as a nurse in Vernon, British Columbia, and eventually became a city
councillor. As part of her work with the CRTC, she campaigned for improved
portrayals of women in the media.

Naomi Sims (1948-2009) is considered the first
African-American supermodel. She battled racial prejudice to become one of the
first successful black models.

She began her career after winning a scholarship
with the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Even though it was
very difficult to find modelling jobs because agencies claimed her skin was too
dark, the breakthrough came when she was featured in the fashion supplement of The New
York Times 
in 1967. A year later, she was the first African-American model
to appear on the cover of Ladies’ Home Journal.

13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker: “I want to tell the fans not to be scared by my gender”

Rebecca Sugar (b. 1987) is the
creator of the Cartoon Network series Steven
. She started out as a writer and storyboard artist but now also
works as an animator, director and producer.

Rebecca has gotten
four Primetime Emmy Award nominations for her work on both Steven Universe and Adventure

Christine Brennan (b. 1958) is the
first woman to become a sports reporter in the United States, which happened in
1981 when she began working for the Miami
She also worked for the Washington
, covering sports from American football to the Olympics.

In 1998, she became
the first president of the Association for Women in Sports Media. She also
started a programme of scholarships and internships for female students of