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Valborg Olander (1861-1943) was a Swedish teac…

(1861-1943) was a Swedish teacher and
politician. She was also a strong proponent of women’s suffrage in her country.

She worked as a teacher in several Swedish
cities and also served as the chairperson of the Falun branch of the National
Association for Women’s Suffrage. She was a board member of the public
libraries in the same city, and in 1910 was elected as one of its first female
councillors. She is also known for her close friendship with the writer Selma

Sylvia Pankhurst (1882-1960) was a prominent s…

(1882-1960) was a prominent suffragist
and anti-fascist activist. She was the daughter of another very important figure
in women’s rights, Emmeline Pankhurst.

She was an accomplished artist and designed
the logos, banners and posters of the Women’s Social and Political Union. Her
protests and militant tactics in support of women’s rights got her arrested
eight times. She later moved to Ethiopia, where she founded the country’s first
teaching hospital and wrote extensively on its culture.

Bertha Isaacs (1900-1997) was a tennis player,…

(1900-1997) was a tennis player, teacher, and
women’s rights activist from the Bahamas. She was the second Bahamian woman elected
as Senator in her country, and the first to be awarded the title of Dame Commander
of the Order of the British Empire.

She was a founding member of the
Progressive Liberal Party and a strong supporter of women’s suffrage. Bahamian
women were allowed to vote in 1962, and she became Senator in 1969.

Matilda Joslyn Gage (1826-1898) was a suffragi…

Matilda Joslyn Gage (1826-1898) was a
suffragist, abolitionist and activist for the rights of Native Americans.  She worked closely with the National Woman Suffrage Association and
dedicated her life to justice and equality.

She served as the president of the
Association, as well as its vice president and as Chair of the Executive
Committee. She published numerous influential articles and books, such as Woman as Inventor, History of Woman Suffrage (co-authored with Elizabeth Cady Stanton)
and Woman, Church and State.

Mamie Shields Pyle (1866-1949) was a leading s…

Mamie Shields Pyle (1866-1949)
was a leading suffragist in the state of South Dakota. Her efforts were crucial
in the adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment and the introduction of the women’s

She lobbied intensely for women’s suffrage and
was involved with numerous organisation across the state and the entire
country. After the amendment was passed, she served as the President of the
South Dakota League of Women Voters. In 1920, she was the first woman ever chosen
as an elector in the United States, for the presidential election of that year.

Mary Lee (1821-1909) was an Irish-Australian s…

Mary Lee (1821-1909) was an
Irish-Australian suffragist and social reformer. She campaigned extensively for
women’s and children’s rights in South Australia.

She was part of a group that campaigned for
child labour laws and better working condition for women, among others; in
1885, the group’s efforts led to the age of consent being raised from 13 to 16.
She helped create the South Australian Women’s Suffrage League in 1889 – women were
granted the vote five years later.

Nellie McClung (1873-1951) was a political act…

Nellie McClung (1873-1951)
was a political activist and suffragist from Canada. She was part of “The
Famous Five”, the group of women who led the effort to recognize women as
persons in their country.

She began campaigning for women’s suffrage in
the 1910s, and helped organise the Women’s Political Equality League. Other
causes that she championed were property rights for married women, factory
safety reforms and medical care for school children. She was the founder of the
Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada – the largest adult education movement
in the country.

Emily Davison (1871-1913) was an English sufra…

Emily Davison (1871-1913) was an English sufragette and member
of the Women’s Social and Political Union. She was famously and tragically
killed when she tried to pin a “Votes for Women” banner on the king’s horse during the 1913 Derby and
was trampled as a result.

Even though
she studied at Oxford, she was not awarded a degree on account of her gender.
She was known in the WSPU for her militant tactics, which led to arrests and
time spent in prison.

Christabel Pankhurst (1880-1958) was a British…

(1880-1958) was a British activist for the suffragist movement. She was
the daughter of another famous and influential suffragette, Emmeline Pankhurst.

Even though she had a degree in law from the University of Manchester,
she was not allowed to practice because of her gender. She co-founded the Women’s
Social and Political Union and served as its organising secretary, leading the fight
for women’s right to vote.

Alice Stone Blackwell (1857-1950) was an Ameri…

Alice Stone
(1857-1950) was an American suffragist and human rights advocate. She was
the daughter of another very influential feminist, Lucy Stone.

She was responsible for bringing together two of the most important
organizations in the movement for women’s voting rights under the name NAWSA:
the National American Woman Suffrage Association. In addition to her work in
the United States, she travelled to Armenia, where she worked to improve the lives
of refugees.