Olive Edis (1876-1955) was a professional phot…

Olive Edis (1876-1955)
was a professional photographer who owned a number of studios throughout London
and England. In 1919 she became the first official female war photographer in

She obtained her first camera in 1900, and
opened the first studio in 1905 in North Norfolk. She was one of the first
adopters of the new autochrome technique, an early style of colour photography.
Her subjects included many prominent figures in British history, such as
Emmeline Pankhurst or Elizabeth Garrett Anderson.

Anne Whitney (1821-1915) was a prominent Ameri…

Anne Whitney (1821-1915) was a prominent American sculptor. Her works often featured
important historical figures, or depicted her liberal views on abolition or
women’s rights, among others.

Among the subjects of her sculptures were
Harriet Martineau, Lucy Stone and Harriet Beecher Stowe. Her works can now be
admired in places such as the United States Capitol, at Harvard, or around

Left: Anne Whitney with her partner, Abby
Adeline Manning

Right: Lady Godiva, 1864, Dallas
Museum of Art

Arvonne Fraser (1925-2018) was a political cam…

(1925-2018) was
a political campaigner and women’s rights activist. She served as the US
Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

She was educated
in liberal arts at the University of Minnesota, and was active in the Minnesota
Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, eventually becoming its vice-chair. She also
served as the national president of the Women’s Equity Action League and was a Senior
Fellow at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs.

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Rania Al-Abdullah (b. 1970) is the queen conso…

Rania Al-Abdullah (b. 1970) is the queen consort of
Jordan. She has been involved in numerous humanitarian projects relating to
education, health, community projects, and other causes.

She studied business administration at the American
University in Cairo, and became queen in 1999. Her projects include the first
interactive children’s museum in Jordan, the refurbishment of 500 public
schools, and the Jordan River Foundation, which aims to improve the life
quality of women and children in the country. She was the first person named as
an Eminent Advocate for Children by UNICEF.

Nancy Wake (1912-2011) was an Allied secret ag…

Nancy Wake (1912-2011) was an Allied secret agent
during World War II. She was a crucial figure of the French Resistance and one
of the most decorated servicewomen on the Allied side. By 1943, she had become
Gestapo’s most wanted person.

Born in New Zealand, she moved to Europe early in life and
worked as a correspondent in Paris. When the war broke out, she started working
as an ambulance driver, then joined the French Resistance as a courier. She was
instrumental in recruiting thousands more members, and her tactics led to the
casualty rate within her group to be a mere 1%.

Wyomia Tyus (b. 1945) is a retired African Ame…

Wyomia Tyus (b. 1945) is a retired African American
athlete. She has won several gold medals in international championships, and is
the first person to ever retain the Olympic title in the 100 m discipline.

She first participated in the 1964 Olympics, at the age of
19, where she equalled the world record and won the 100 m event. She achieved
this again in 1968, also setting a new world record and winning gold in relay.
In the year 1974, she won every single one of the twenty-two races that she

Bi-Positive: Three TV Shows Doing it Right

Bi-Positive: Three TV Shows Doing it Right:

Please enjoy this article I wrote for Restless Magazine, and check out the other brilliant articles on themes of feminism, politics and mental health!

Janet Evans (b. 1971) is a competition swimmer…

Janet Evans
(b. 1971) is a
competition swimmer who won numerous championships and gold medals in
international events. She also held seven world records at the end of her

She has won four
gold medals at the 1988 and 1992 Olympic Games, as well as five in World
Championships and twelve in Pan Pacific Championships. In 1989 she received the
James E. Sullivan Award for being the top amateur athlete in the US, and held
the title of Female World Swimmer of the Year three times.

Laura Bates (b. 1986) is a feminist writer fro…

Laura Bates
(b. 1986) is a
feminist writer from England. She is the founder of the Everyday Sexism
Project, which highlights how widespread the phenomenon is in today’s society.

She founded the
website in 2012, hoping to collect the stories of 100 women, but it grew rapidly
to include the testimonies of thousands from all over the world. For her
services to gender equality, she was awarded the British Empire Medal in 2015.